Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Beauty Favourites of 2013


 Before 2013 goes out with a bang I wanted to quickly share with you my beauty favourites from this year. I hadn't planned on doing this post as I thought that most of what I loved was still at my house in Nottingham, but it turns out I bought quite a few of my favourites home with me. So here's some of my favourites.

HD Brows 'Blusher 2'
I actually got this in a Glossybox and it soon became my go to blusher for wintertime. It's a darker peachy shade to what I would use for summer months so gives a great autumnal/winter flushed cheek look. It is a shimmery blusher so when your face is feeling a little pale an dull it's a great blush to just quickly add some shimmer onto your face.

GOSH Brow Kit '001'
This little brow beauty has pretty much the three colours you need in life to filling in your eyebrows (well I think so anyway). It has a dark beige kind of colour, a  light brown and what to me looks like a dark grey (please excuse my colour descriptions, they don't actually have any names for them). The colours may not sound fantastic but they are actually really good and the dark beige colour matches my eyebrow colour pretty well. They are powder which you use the brush end of the applicator to fill in your eyebrows and then if you want to, use the sponge end to coat your brows in wax. It gives  a subtle fill in for a more natural brow look. Obviously with dark blondish hair I haven't tried out the almost black shade but for the colour I do use i'm impressed. I don't want to cause offence with this next bit, but you know when you see a girl and it's just so obvious she's drawn/coloured/filled her eyebrows because the colour does not in anyway match. Well with this you don't have that issue, okay well I don't. Which is why it's my favourite eyebrow kit and it's cheap. 

Sleek Eye Pallette 'Naturel 601'
It's cheap and has a range of neutral lights and dark, some matte and some shimmer. So what's not to love. My most used shades are 'Nougat' and 'Taupe' as I wear these for my everyday look. Pigmentation in all of them is fantastic and they're so easily applied and blendable. Admittedly on a few of the lighter shades you do really have to build up the colour to really see it but once you have the right amount they all look lush. This has easily been my most used eye pallette this year.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer '010 Ivory'
I use this as more of a highlighting concealer under my eyes as it has great durability and coverage. It almost has an ever so slight shimmer to it which is why it's probably so great as a highlighter as it just adds a bit of brightness to your face, making your eyes stand out  a little more. As well as under my eyes I tend to use this for more lighter blemishes on my face.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 'Fair 1'
This is a beauty blogger/fanatic favourite. For the very cheap price is doesn't half give some good coverage which is so light and buildable. I use this for my darker blemishes and spots and I hardly ever have to touch it up throughout the day. I've sometimes just worn this on my face without any foundation it does that good of a job. It blends easily into the skin so your face still looks like skin and not too matte or thick. If you haven't tried it then you need to put it on your shopping list!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
I did a review of this earlier on in the year (read here) and I still love it. I use it every time I wear eyeshadow and it's not failed me yet. My eyeshadow stays in place, no fading, no creasing, no reapplying. Fantastic. It is more on the expensive side of beauty products but worth the money. Maybe this year i'll try and find a cheaper dupe, any suggestions? But I think this will always be the winner.

Benefits 'They're real' Mascara
I only started to use this this year and when I want a more Wow lash effect then this is what I use. I swap between this mascara and another one for my everyday look depending on what i'm doing. It's certainly not a natural lash look effect but more of a volumising and lengthening effect. My lashes look endless (okay maybe not endless but you get the idea) when I wear this and it stays all day so you always have that big wow lash look.

L'oreal Superliner Blackbuster
This is the best pen eyeliner i've used this year. It has a pointed nib to allow for easy application and it has long durability. It can sometimes become faded but not so much that you can no longer see it. It's so quick and easy to use so I do use it more if i'm in a hurry.

B. Gel Eyeliner
I purchased this towards the end of the year and it's become my everyday eyeliner to go to now. Unless i'm in a rush in which case i'll use the L'oreal pen. It comes with a little applicator brush and it's so easy to apply and build up for a more dramatic look. Once applied it pretty much stays there for the whole day and i've never had to touch it up. It doesn't crack, fade or peel as I know some gel eyeliners do and a little goes a long way with this.

Clinique Moisture Surge
This moisturiser is by the far the best i've ever used. Yup, ever! It is a little more pricey but you literally need just a dab on the finger with this and it sinks into your skin so nicely. It's so light that your face doesn't feel heavy after applying and it doesn't leave it feeling greasy or shiny. After using this this day and night my skin feels so soft that I do sometimes just stroke my cheeks (weirdo).

Revlon Nearly Naked '130 Shell'
I really don't want to say too much about this as I want to do a review on it in the next few weeks so i'll keep this one short and sweet. Wow, natural blemish free skin look and so blendable.

Yves Rocher Cocoa & Orange Hand Cream
Like Terry's chocolate orange? Then you'll love this. I got this in a Glossybox and it's replaced my much loved Soap & Glory hand cream (must be good). As well as the amazing irresistible smell it moisturises my hands soooo well and doesn't leave my hands feeling slimy and greasy afterwards. I can actually pick up my phone and not worry it's going to slip out of my hands. 

V05 Plump it Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion
When my hairs lacking a bit of umph and needs a lift then this is what I use. It's cheap and works wonders. I help it out by blow drying my hair upside down but when i've used this I can definitely tell a difference and my hair has volume all day. And because it's a spray it's light on your hair and easier to apply than a mouse. Oh and it's smells quite nice too.

Topshop Nails 'One Hot Minute'
The perfect red colour for wintertime so it was on my nails pretty much all the time. When used with a base and topcoat it has good stay power and doesn't chip easily so I didn't have to worry about having shabby nails. It applies really easily and only needs one coat to have it's bright colour.

Rimmel Clear Complexion 'Transparent'
My all time favourite powder, even beats Rimmels Stay Matte. I think it's the perfect finishing powder and keeps my face looking grease/shine free. I've been using it since the start of the year and it's been a repurchase item. It's not heavy on your skin and because it's transparent it doesn't add too much extra colour on top of your foundation. (I may need to buy a new one as I kinda dropped and broke this one)

V05 Give Me Texture Dry Spray
This is unlike all the other texturising sprays I use as it's more of a dry shampoo feel. It's not a liquid you spray so it doesn't leave any slight damp patches if you spray too much. Nor does it leave it looking grey anywhere like I originally thought it would. It's not heavy in your hair so doesn't weigh it down and gives good volume to your ends as will as give a good messy look. I find it works best when I have my hair up as it's much easier to scrunch your hair up and keep it looking full with life. The only down side is that it finishes quite quickly so I have to repurchase more than my other sprays.

Burts Bee's Mango Lip Balm
The best lip balm i've used. It leaves my lips lovely and soft and is the perfect base for when I wear lipstick

So there we are, some of my favourite beauty items of this year. I hope next year is full of new product finds so I'll have even more favourites by the end of next year!

Santas Been to Visit & A Little New Year Message

Hope you all had a lovely christmas!

I know this post is a few days late and by now you've probably read quite a few of these posts and you're all moving on to new years posts,  but I loved reading what everyone else got, so I thought i'd show you what I got for christmas too. I didn't actually open most of my presents until saturday as I was away from home at christmas down at my dads house so I was a little envious reading some posts when I hadn't even opened mine. 

My stocking this year was a little different in that my mini gifts were given in a set of draws, which will come in handy to store all my make-up bits. I did actually have two little Lindt bears but I may have demolished one before photographing (I just couldn't resist)

I'm a lover of Soap & Glory and I think my family may know this. It was by accident I got two big tubs of the Sugar Crush Body Scrub but i'm not going to complain as I love the stuff. Mmmmm going to be smelling fresh!

I have been after this for aaaaaaages but as I had asked for it on my christmas list I had to resist buying it (which was really hard). I've started to use and it such a great cleanser I may do a review on it soon.

MY FIRST EVER MAC COSMETICS!! Yup you read right, i've never owned anything by MAC so when I opened these little beauties I was rather chuffed. My sister didn't realise just how pricey they were so apparently when selecting the colours i'd picked out she eventually noticed the price so limited it to just three. I'm still a happy bunny though

My mum actually bought this without even smelling it so it was going to be a surprise to all of us as to what it actually smelt like. I seem to be the only person that likes it though.

I was glad to get this, my old hairdryer is a few years old now and not as powerful so drying my hair was becoming a long stage in getting ready.

This is a beautiful silver bracelet which i'm going to save for special events

This little bangle is sooooo cute. I don't know what type of material it is but it's something different.

Can't wait to start wearing these. I don't think they're my families cup of tea but I love them.

Can't go a christmas without getting new slippers!

A simple black knitted jumper

I like the whole acid wash effect so this was a perfect simple t-shirt.

This is the only onesie I own and just look how cute it is!

Chocolate disguised as brussels (I hate sprouts!)

This was the last present I received (yesterday to be precise) as I had to wait for it to come in the post. It's so beautiful isn't it? Can you even call a radio beautiful?  Everywhere had sold out which made me a little sad as I wanted to physically hold it and say it was mine but that wasn't to be. I had to wait but now it's FINALLY MINE.

I'm a little sad now that christmas is over as it's my favourite time of the year. I wish we had snow for it as well but the english weather decided to give us wind and rain instead (typical). It's now time to celebrate the start of a new year and I hope you all have a lovely evening and celebrate in style however you do it! Oh and don't make any resolutions you know you won't keep. I do it every year as I make such unrealistic aims. This year i'm going to keep it simple so hopefully by the end of 2014 I can actually say I'll have kept my resolutions.


Friday, 20 December 2013

Jam Tarts and Festive Jumpers



Me and my housemates celebrated christmas a little early the other weekend as we were all leaving to head off home and celebrate christmas with our families. So we had a little party and a festive chinese takeaway (of course). We all bought each other a present and placed them under a little christmas tree which I thought looked rather cute. We made jam tarts, our decoration skills aren't amazing but my gosh they tasted blummin lovely. I may have burnt my mouth being too eager to try one out (lesson learnt).

For my present I got some rather cute polar bear socks and some cute knickers from Topshop (they know me too well ) as well as some lovely smelling bath gels. Once presents were opened we cracked open the drinks and we may all have gotten a little merry (drink sensibly guys). We started by playing pass the parcel which when you have no one to stop the music can get a little tricky. Each layer had a forfeit but to make it nicer we taped some sweets into each layer haha. I came up with the game of pinning the snowmans nose, hat and scarf back onto his face, once you were tipsy, blindfolded and been spun around of course (just to make it that bit harder). And as creator of the snowman it was only right that I won - yaaaaaay. We then went onto play twister which i've not played in years and well, I wasn't that great at it haha, especially after some vodka! Then  of course came the food, a festive chinese because we couldn't be bothered to cook a roast (students for you) and of course there was dessert. Three layers of vodka jelly!! (just incase we hadn't had enough to drink)

As you can see by the last picture I had some festive jumper to wear! I couldn't decide which one to wear at first but then opted for the snowman jumper. It is actually a mens' Primark one but I prefered the mens jumpers to the women's so why not aye?

My favourite christmas songs of all time are
The Pogues Fairytale of Newyork
you scumbag you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot, happy christmas your arse I pray god it's our last
Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas
Cus baby all I want for christmas is youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

FIVE DAYS TO GO (i'm excited)

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist


I'll start by admitting that most of this wishlist is from Topshop (addict).
Every year my mum asks what I would like for christmas and every year I say 'I don't really know' or 'I don't mind' which is true, i'll be happy with anything. But this year I thought i'd be a bit more organised and help my mother out by giving her some ideas and here's some of what's on my christmas list this year.

Clinique 'Take the day Off Cleansing Balm'
MAC Eye-shadows in;
Woodwinked, All that Glitters, Charcoal Brown, Scene, Wedge, Seedy Pearl, Sweet Lust
All Star Converses
Topshop Leather Lace Boots
Topshop Palm Print Tee
Topshop Lily Mirage tee
Topshop Mottled Bleach Jeans
Topshop Tartan Leggings
Ark Tartan Dress
Ark Boyfriend Bleached Tee
Ark Knit Jumper
My list involves a lot of clothes but you can never have too much can you!? I'm so tempted to just go out and buy some of these items now but i'll hold back and wait for the big day to see what i've got. Oooooh I love christmas!

What have you all asked for this year?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Life in Pictures


Wow i've had a whole month off from blogging! I never actually meant for that to happen but I had a busy November and before I knew it it was December. So I thought i'd show some snippets as to what I got up to.

At the beginning of the month I travelled down to Hereford to see my dad for the weekend as we were also going to see Chris Ramsey. The train took forever to get there and when you're on a 3 hour journey and really needing a wee, it's not good. I know I could of relieved myself on the train but it was super packed and I didn't want to leave my seat incase someone else grabbed it. So I suffered in silence and did the little wee dance (we all know what i'm talking about when I say that right?). Chris Ramsey was quite funny and a lot shorter than I expected in real life! Or maybe that's because his warm up act was very tall so made him look like a midget in comparison?

The following week I then hit milestone. I turned TWENTY-ONE, my god i'm starting to feel old. I'm an absolute lover of fancy dress so I decided to go out dressed in 80's gym wear. Yes I know, it's not the most flattering but it was either that idea or minions and well, most people weren't really up for painting themselves yellow. I finally got a rather lovely watch from Marc Jacobs, i've been asking for a decent watch for ages and was so happy to finally get one! my dad bought me two rather stunning rings, one has  a little black diamond in which I didn't even know existed so that was a lovely treat. I also got two birthday cakes (greedy cow is what you're all thinking right now) plus some little cupcakes from my friend and fellow blogger Jess from 'Made you Look'. I was given a MAC makeover gift card from Jess which I cannot wait to use so I can look all nice and bootiful (will take a lot of doing).

The following night from my birthday Jess had her birthday party which was a sexy Ann Summers party. I'd never been to one before so didn't know what to expect. I half thought you had to wear something from Ann Summers, haha silly me. Luckily I was told that you didn't, phew! We played the Ann Summers version of the 'chubby bunny' challenge which I didn't win and I won't say what we said on here, far too rude haha. I had a brilliant night and we all had lots of laughs followed by some cocktails at Coco Tang. I had the Toblerone cocktail which if you're from Nottingham and you've never been here, you need to go and try this drink out for sure!

Towards the end of the month I went home back to Lincoln for a few days to celebrate my birthday with the family. I had a lovely meal out at Browns Pie Shop which if you're from Lincoln or you visit Lincoln at all then you really need to eat here. I love going home, eating my mum's food and most importantly seeing my best buddy, my dog haha! My mum gave me a phone cover with a picture of my dog on it for my birthday which I thought was rather cute.

It may not be everyone's scene but I went to see Disclosure play live at Rock City which was amazing, especially when Sam Smith came on at the end. Nearly had a heart attack haha. To think that one of them is about my age and the other even younger and they've achieved so much for themselves, kinda jealous of them to be honest. The only downside to the night was that it was an event for 14 years+ which meant  a load of young teenagers. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind younger kids, especially as I used to be one (obviously) but they do scream a lot at ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING which can get on your nerves after a while but hey ho.

Finally, i've really had to start cracking down on my uni work. To think that i'm in my final year and as of yet i've not really done a lot isn't all that good to be honest. So i've been sitting down and planning everything and sorting things out for my dissertation, planning essay questions etc. The work load was starting to pile up so I really needed to take some action. I also started to question what it was a wanted to do in life, I got a rejection email for a job I applied for and failed to go any further in another job due to my inability to read at a super fast pace (must work on this). So i've come up with something which I would absolutely LOVE to do but it's just whether that works out or not. Fingers crossed!

So that was my November month in a quick-ish post. I did so many other little things which made the month fly by but now it's come to pretty much my favourite time of the year, CHRISTMAS!

Hope you've all got an advent calendar counting down the days

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween: Dead Circus Makeup


Last night I went out for my clubs halloween social and as social sec I couldn't not make a big effort! We went out as dead ringmasters from the circus and this is how I achieved my horrific dead look.

I just put some white face paint on my face, neck and chest then smudged some black pencil eyeliner all round my eyes as well as adding in some black face paint. I thought i'd give myself some cheekbones for once and put in some black contouring to my cheekbones and collar bones to add to the dead look. Then I just put some fake blood on and put a mix of Kate Moss's 107 and 104 lipsticks to get a red plummy colour for my lips. To top off the look I sprayed my hair with some white hair spray which also gave my hair some added volume, but also made my hair feel gross!!


Monday, 28 October 2013

*Insert Title Here*


(Image: Google)

I've come to point in time where i'm stuck in this horrible routine of nothingness and sluggish moods. I couldn't even think of a title for this post. No creative juices flowing through my body at all at the minute. I guess this post is a sort of "sorry i've not been very active on here recently and this is why" kinda thing. I'm into my third year of uni and i'll be honest, it's beginning to dawn on me just how much work is needed to be done with so little time. Applying for ethical approval so I can go ahead and start my dissertation, thinking about travel and dates for interviews, researching for it, researching for other modules, thinking about jobs and the soon to be approaching deadlines. 

I love blogging, reading other posts and finding new blogs. During my summer I was on here everyday and thinking of new posts to write about and planning posts for upcoming months, like autumn make-up themes or my favourite lipsticks to wear in autumn. But now I think i've gone into 'I have way too much stuff to do so instead i'll do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING mode'. Like when you know you should do work but instead you take a nap kinda thing. Anyone do that or is that just me? Haha. I know I have stuff to do and I want to take pictures for my blog and write about products but I simply can't. I know I said in my last post with the haul video I would also do a written post of what I bought and I want to do that and will do but right now, I can't even be bothered to pick up the camera. It took me a week to even edit that video (very poorly) and I wasn't even busy to not have been able to do it sooner! I sit here in my room and see that I have the perfect lighting to take some snaps but instead I just watch the light disappear and then all of sudden it's night time and all I have is dingy lightbulb light and it's another day wasted. I mean , i'm literally sat here watching Prison Break or Breaking Bad all day because I don't want to face the amount of work I have to start.

I'm sounding like a depressed old lady haha. So I guess what i'm trying to say is that I haven't lost my love for blogging at all and I will carry on blogging but I need to get into the swing of actually doing something with my life again. I sit at my laptop wanting to read posts and find new blogs but I don't have the energy/drive to do so. I need to sit myself down, get organised and just crack on with it all. Even starting to write this post was a struggle but now i've rambled on a bit and said how I feel i'm all good. Maybe that's what I need, some blog therapy haha. As my third year moves on a bit more posts may become less and less but I solemnly swear that by the end of this week I will get my arse in gear and get back on to what I love, telling you guys about products and hauls. I have soooo much I want to write about so once i'm up and running again you'll probably be overloaded with posts so watch out!

Anyone else ever go through this phase?

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Collective Haul VIDEO


Oh yes, i've taken the plunge and filmed my first proper video for Youtube. I know quite a lot of bloggers also do Youtube and personally I like the idea, it's nice to watch something rather than reading all the time. I know that some of you may not like to watch videos within blogs so i'll also be writing a post to show what i've bought, just so there's something for everyone. Plus I may have purchased a couple more things since filming the video last week.

I'll say now that it isn't a pro video at all. My editing skills are seriously lacking and because I had to change the dimensions of the video (to avoid letterboxing and pillars), the quality isn't as good as it was before uploading. It's also a bit awkward just sitting there and talking into a camera so I do a lot of looking around, and I also say 'so', 'super' and 'cute' rather a lot! I'll also say that I speak quite slowly and sound a bit croaky/stuffy because I was coming down with a cold, so my apologies if I bore you all to death because i'm going too slowly. I'm going to put you all off from watching it soon! Haha. Enjoy :)

I realise I didn't say all the prices for things so here they all are incase you want to know;

Clinique Anti-Blemish £15.50

Sexy Peel Lush Soap £5.37

Orange Jelly Lush Soap £5.30

The Sacred Truth Lush Facemask £5.95

Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment £1
Primark Mascara £1
Primark Chubby Stick dupe £1
Nail Varnish £2.50
Leggings £6
Quilted Tee £6
Skirt £3
Change Purse £2
Bow Bag £8
Slippers £2.50

Red Leather Boots £35
Purple Suede Bag £35
'Make Me Smile' Necklace £4

Faux Suede Boots £38
Skirt £25
Print Leggings £28
Coat £78
Bobble Hat £14

Monday, 21 October 2013

OOTD: "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain"


And here's me just pulling a face. As you do..

My gosh isn't the weather just fabulous today...

So today to uni, I wore all new purchases as everything was purchased within the last few weeks (haul post/video coming VERY soon). I started the day off with wearing my hair down but as soon as I got outside I regretted it as it was chucking it down and a tad windy, which meant wet hair in face. Not great. So later on I put my hair up in a scrunchy which is why I have hair down and hair up photo's (some were taken this morning, some this afternoon). I sorta regretted wearing these leggings as well because they got wet very easily which meant cold legs, which then went itchy from the drying fabric. I also had to take the faux fur lining off from my hood as I didn't want it to get ruined by the rain and go all horrible.
Coat Topshop £78
Quilted Tee Primark £6
Leggings Primark £6
Boots Topshop £38
Necklace Dorothy Perkins £4.80 (reduced in the sale)
Watch River Island £10
Scrunchy Primark £1 (pack of two)
Bag Primark £8
Umbrella Free ('borrowed' from work)

The necklace is actually a cobalt blue colour in the light but lighting wasn't fab in my room and the colour just isn't showing up in the pictures. Also, i've possibly just given my self however many years of bad luck it is by putting my brolly up indoors! And a final note, sorry if the pictures are blurry/out of focus, it really is difficult trying to take pictures of yourself by yourself with no one to check if it's all in focus. I need a photographer!