Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Vintage Fair

Hello there! The Vintage fair came to town on sunday so I thought 'Ooooh why not? I'll go for a little browse' and it was only £1 for students so a cheap day out too. Vintage fairs can be a good way of finding some real bargains if you don't mind second hand clothes, and even finding some unique stuff like handmade jewelry which you can't buy from shops, and so no one else will have what you wear! It can take aaaaages looking through all the stalls, I even walked round a second time just to look through it all again. I would definitely recommend going to one if there is one near you at some point. Even if you don't think it's your kind of things, try it out as you never know!

I'll have to admit though, I didn't have much money with me so I didn't actually buy anything, however my housemate bought a genuine red leather Mulberry purse for £10 - BARGAIN! Although I didn't spend any cash I still had a really nice time looking through all the clothes and seeing what the jewelry stalls had to offer. There were lots of cute little things, my favourite was these little handmade pots made out of old vinyls (how creative), unfortunately I didn't get a photo as my phone had ran out of juice at this point, and me being me, I forgot my actual camera. But I do have some snaps further down. I also really liked these china teacups which had candles in them, they just look so cute and look a lot better than some of the candle holders you can buy. It's also a really creative way of reusing old teacups rather than throwing them away. I could go on and on about all the things I liked but I think i'll just show you the pictures so you can see for yourself :)


Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hello again - two posts in one day, I must be bored of revision! I just wanted to share with you my daily skincare routine. Now I have quite sensitive skin that is prone to spots at the moment (damn them!) and that can dry out quite quickly, so I do have to be careful with what I use on my face. After trying out many products and wasting a lot of money on products I found I couldn't use, I've finally found the perfect products - yaaaaay

When removing my make-up I use Simple 'cleansing facial wipes'. I chose to use these because it says on the back "perfect for even sensitive skin" and Simple products don't contain perfumes like many others do, so I thought 'do you know what, I'll give them a bash'. And guess what, they work beautifully leaving my face feeling fresh without drying my skin and they're not too harsh around the eyes. Next I use a Clearasil 'Perfectawash' facial wash. Now I have found that I can only use the one shown in the picture as the others tend to give me a rash after. I don't know why but they do so I stick to this one which is the 'Superfruit Extracts'. It works nicely on my skin as I find that it does work with clearing my skin up and keeps its moisturised (I also like the hands-free dispenser which I find fascinating - added bonus).

So after washing my face I then go onto the cleansing and toning part of the routine. Again I use Simple products for this as I feel they work best for my sensitive skin. And as they're manufactured for people with sensitive skin, you would hope that they work, and they do. So after all this I then use a Nivea day cream moisturiser for dry & sensitive skin (I think you can get the hint I have sensitive skin after all this!). It may say day cream on the packet but I use it at night so that my face can soften whilst I sleep. I have to be careful when it comes to moisturising as a lot of creams can leave my skin rather oily and shiny and nobody wants a shiny face! With this cream you only need a little bit as a little goes a long way so although a small tube (50ml) it lasts a loooooong time.

Okay, so now you might be wondering why on earth I have a picture of a gigantic tub of Sudocrem. Well, I'd heard that this can help with rashy spots or spots in general so I thought I would try it out. I was a bit skeptical at first as I thought it wasn't going to work and I'd just been tricked by friends into buying it. By the way don't go looking for it in the skincare section of shops, it's down the baby aisle which I obviously didn't know, so I kept travelling from shop to shop wondering why no one had it until I eventually asked someone. And by then I had wasted time and fuel and felt like a wolly - silly me. Anyway, so I tried it and on my first use I looked like a ghost! Only apply a thin layer as it's quite a thick cream and goes a long way. I woke up in the morning and I could actually see a difference. So from then, anytime I have a spots growing on my face I whack a bit of that on and it seems to do the trick. I also use the Which Blemish stick on single spots to save covering my face in more creams, which again I think works else I wouldn't use it.

Phew, so there you go that's my daily skincare routine. Any of you who do suffer from spots I really would recommend trying the Sudocrem out, it's worked for me so could for you! Let me know any skincare/spot care secrets you have, would love to know!


Save yourself some money

Hello there! So this post is all about little handy ways on saving yourself some money, because lets face it, who wouldn't love to save a few pennies? First of all at the beginning of the uni year I got myself a student discount booklet. These are so easy to get, all you need to do is go onto there website (http://www.studentdiscountbook.co.uk/) then chose your city and send them a pre-stamped envelope with your address on it and they'll send you one for FREE! Vouchers in this booklet range from taxi discounts, food & drink offers, beauty treatments, shopping vouchers, piercings/tattoos & discounted entry into some clubs. This booklet is A-MAZING! I've saved myself from spending too much when out as I often use the drink offers vouchers, which can give you buy-one-get-one-free, half price or even trebles for singles. I would definitely recommend getting this booklet at the start of the next uni year. I wouldn't get it now though as most offers may have ran out and there isn't that long till uni finishes.

Next up is the handy Tesco clubcard points and vouchers. I do find that they sometimes give extra points/discount prices on things I only buy as a one off which is a bit annoying, but generally they give good offers. If you get these offers don't be afraid to look like the crazy coupon lady at the checkout as it will be worth it. What might seem like a pricey food shop can work out sooooo much cheaper but just remember to actually take the vouchers with you, that's often something I forget - Doh!

I find planning meals for the week also helps save me some money, otherwise I just buy a load of food that I think I'll want to eat but then never do. Sticking to this plan is also important else you'll just find yourself going out and buying more food anyway (well in my case  I do) so stick to the plan!

I guess another way on saving yourself a little bit of money is that when buying course books, try and buy second hand if you can. I know some people prefer fresh new books (I love the smell of new books- weird?) and so may turn their noses up and buy second hand, but believe me, search in the right places and you can get yourself a cracking deal (try Ebay)

So there a few of my money saving tips which have helped me along my time at uni so far. Some of them may seem pretty obvious but it's often the obvious ones that people miss! Let me know any of your money saving tips too!




Monday, 22 April 2013

Miss Selfridge sale - mini haul

Hello. I haven't got much money so I only did a little shop today. All items were sale items plus the extra 20% off for students on top of that they're offering at the minute, so was a cheap haul! I bought these two really cute dresses by Loving Youth both reduced from £30. They're a loose fit and thin material so are perfect for warm/hot summer weather. They both have a slight elasticated low waist so there is some hold to the body. The first one has a flower print on it which I think is just super cute and the second, one as you can see is large polka dots. I really like the collars on them as well as then you don't necessarily have to accessorize on top, you can just keep it simple. Both dresses were just £15 (Bargain!). I also bought this neon peachy pink necklace on offer for £3 which was just an added bargain that can brighten up a plain look. Overall these cost me just over £25! -  I do love a good sale.


Saturday, 20 April 2013

What takes us so long to get ready?

When getting ready for a night out it's a known thing that girls take much longer than the boys. Boys often ask why it takes so long for us to get ready, well let me explain to you. Girls have more stages to complete until they're ready:

  • Pre-main stages: Washing off any extra layers of fake tan so that later on you don't go patchy if a drink spills down you (not a good look, boys do notice)
  • Stage 1: Make-up. Foundation, eye shadows, eye-liners, mascaras, blusher, bronzer, powder & lipstick. If you're using a liquid eye-liner then this can be a bugger to apply. Very rarely do I get a straight line first time and then I end up smudging it everywhere. I have now though found the wonders of the felt tip liner. Why has it taken me so long to try these out!? I use the Collection "Extreme" 24 hour one and it's so cheap so good for budget shoppers. Time = 15 minutes
  • Stage 2: Hair. I often just wear my hair straight as that's how it naturally dries so I don't do a lot with mine. However, if you want to curl/wave your hair then this is obviously going to take longer. Time 15 minutes
  • Stage 3: What to wear? We have a variety of clothing types; dresses/skirts/shorts/tops/play-suits/leggings/disco-pants. This is often the longest stage for me because I change my mind so much. We might decide on a dress but then feel bloated etc so change to a skirt and top, but then want to change the top or change into shorts (you get the general idea). After trying on many combinations we finally decide on the perfect outfit. Time=15/20 minutes.
  • Stage 4: Shoes. Again we have variety; flats/sandals/wedges/heels/boots. Whatever we choose they  have to be the right colour and be comfortable for the night ahead. Time= 5 minutes
  • Stage 5: Bag/clutch. This has to go with what we wear and have enough space to carry our stuff. Time= 2 minutes
  • Stage 6: Pack the bag. Time= 1 minute
  • Stage 7: Perfume. (don't over power this!) Time = 30 seconds
Now the boys turn:
  • Stage 1: Shower/shave. Make sure stubble is either completely gone or shaved to the desired length. Time= 5/10 minutes.
  • Stage 2: What to wear? Men have less of an option; trousers/jeans/top/shirt. They just simply need to match a top/shirt to a pair of trousers/jeans. Time= 5 minutes
  • Stage 3: Hair. Quick style of the hair with some gel/wax (or whatever boys use) using his hand. Time= 2/3 minutes
  • Stage 4: Shoes. Literally have hardly any choice here; shoes/pumps (anything else?)
  • Stage 5: Aftershave/Perfume. Men are worse than girls when it comes to over loading on this. please don't, it makes us choke on your smell. Time= 30 seconds
  • Stage 6: Put wallet into back pocket. Time= 10 seconds
Once all stages are complete then jobs a good-en, you're ready to hit the dance floor. So there you have it. An explanation you can show to all boys who ask you why it takes so long for you to get ready. Obviously times may alter between people but you get the gist.


Friday, 19 April 2013

Think before you buy

So this is more of a story about my stupidity and my lack of planning before buying a certain item. There I was sat in my 9am lecture and next to me was a girl playing on a certain gadget (shows how interesting the lecture was). Now obviously i've seen these gadgets around but I always thought there wasn't any point in having one as I have my laptop. But watching this girl (I realise this sounds really stalker-ish) I suddenly realised that I really wanted one. So after my lecture off I went to the store and within 15 minutes was walking out with an IPAD thanks to my overdraft. This is the most impulse bought thing I have ever got but I thought 'ah it's fine I can pay back the money as I have a job'. NO. I am now the most skint I have ever been, I don't even have £10 of my own personal money (no joke) as I've also been paying for an American camp programme as well. So obviously I've been using what's left of my overdraft to buy the vitals and I'm still yet to pay any of it back. And as my student loan goes straight onto my accommodation and I don't get a grant, I'm now really struggling for money. I was then really sad because I thought, I could have bought loads of nice lovely new clothes and accessories with that money (which if I had, I know I wouldn't regret spending the money so much!). Don't get me wrong my Ipads pretty handy and saves carrying a heavy laptop but I really wish I'd given it some proper thought before buying it.
So my advice here to anyone reading 
and who doesn't actually have a lot of their own money, is before buying anything expensive, think to yourself 'do I really need or want this?'. If yes then go for it, if not then STAY AWAY! I now have no money until I paid end of the month -sigh


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Best mascara

Hey, so I've been using this trusted mascara a lot recently. Most mascaras I use tend give me the spider leg look or clump my lashes together. I've found that I need a particular brush and this one is just perfect! It's the  Rimmel 100% waterproof, but I have found this one quite hard to find in most stores. For some reason it doesn't seem to be a widely sold mascara so you do need to shop around to find it, but it's worth it if you want a more natural lash look. I like it that much that I have two, a black for more dark coverage and a brown one for a more natural lash look. I personally think it's quite cheap (about £5) and is worth the money, so for any students out there on a budget I recommend this one!


Starting my first blog.

So I've been wanting to do a blog for a while now but being quite camera shy I thought this was the best way to write about my shopping hauls and give out my advice.Plus as I'm up quite late most nights it's a good way to pass time rather than watching crappy TV  and scoffing my face with food. As a student going into my third year, I don't have much time to sit and film/edit videos (and I only have a cheap camera so the quality wouldn't be all that) though I do want to go into this eventually and I do actually have a channel set up and ready for when I do. I also know the pains of being a student and so want to help by giving my advice on what I do in situations and the best ways to avoid getting into any trouble financially etc. I haven't told anyone about this (well maybe one other fellow blogger newbie), this isn't because I'm embarrassed to and want to keep it a secret, but because no one I live with or any of my family are interested in shopping (WHAT!?). So you guys are the people I want to share my interests with and I really hope you're going to enjoy what I write - Thank you :)