Monday, 22 April 2013

Miss Selfridge sale - mini haul

Hello. I haven't got much money so I only did a little shop today. All items were sale items plus the extra 20% off for students on top of that they're offering at the minute, so was a cheap haul! I bought these two really cute dresses by Loving Youth both reduced from £30. They're a loose fit and thin material so are perfect for warm/hot summer weather. They both have a slight elasticated low waist so there is some hold to the body. The first one has a flower print on it which I think is just super cute and the second, one as you can see is large polka dots. I really like the collars on them as well as then you don't necessarily have to accessorize on top, you can just keep it simple. Both dresses were just £15 (Bargain!). I also bought this neon peachy pink necklace on offer for £3 which was just an added bargain that can brighten up a plain look. Overall these cost me just over £25! -  I do love a good sale.



  1. I love these dresses and they are on sale.... Uh oh! I'm gonna find it hard to resist having a look for these :P
    Love you blog, I have just finished a course so can relate to the things you talk about with being a student! You now have a new follower :)
    Lucy xxx

    1. Aww thank you, followed your blog too as it looks good!
      Ha well I saw one dress then saw the other so just had to buy both. Glad you like :)