Thursday, 25 April 2013

Save yourself some money

Hello there! So this post is all about little handy ways on saving yourself some money, because lets face it, who wouldn't love to save a few pennies? First of all at the beginning of the uni year I got myself a student discount booklet. These are so easy to get, all you need to do is go onto there website ( then chose your city and send them a pre-stamped envelope with your address on it and they'll send you one for FREE! Vouchers in this booklet range from taxi discounts, food & drink offers, beauty treatments, shopping vouchers, piercings/tattoos & discounted entry into some clubs. This booklet is A-MAZING! I've saved myself from spending too much when out as I often use the drink offers vouchers, which can give you buy-one-get-one-free, half price or even trebles for singles. I would definitely recommend getting this booklet at the start of the next uni year. I wouldn't get it now though as most offers may have ran out and there isn't that long till uni finishes.

Next up is the handy Tesco clubcard points and vouchers. I do find that they sometimes give extra points/discount prices on things I only buy as a one off which is a bit annoying, but generally they give good offers. If you get these offers don't be afraid to look like the crazy coupon lady at the checkout as it will be worth it. What might seem like a pricey food shop can work out sooooo much cheaper but just remember to actually take the vouchers with you, that's often something I forget - Doh!

I find planning meals for the week also helps save me some money, otherwise I just buy a load of food that I think I'll want to eat but then never do. Sticking to this plan is also important else you'll just find yourself going out and buying more food anyway (well in my case  I do) so stick to the plan!

I guess another way on saving yourself a little bit of money is that when buying course books, try and buy second hand if you can. I know some people prefer fresh new books (I love the smell of new books- weird?) and so may turn their noses up and buy second hand, but believe me, search in the right places and you can get yourself a cracking deal (try Ebay)

So there a few of my money saving tips which have helped me along my time at uni so far. Some of them may seem pretty obvious but it's often the obvious ones that people miss! Let me know any of your money saving tips too!





  1. Lovely post. I will be thinking about uni in a few years, so I'll be sure to remember all these little tips for then. Just found your blog...I'm your newest follower! :') x Olwyn

    1. Hello and thank you for following, I'll be sure to check out your blog too! I hope I can help give you some advice then and prepare you for when the time comes!

  2. Oh that's really helpful! Bookmarked the discounts page for September! I've already found a lot of meal prep advice and such on Pinterest, you should check it out if you want some more meal planning ideas :3

    Kate x