Friday, 19 April 2013

Think before you buy

So this is more of a story about my stupidity and my lack of planning before buying a certain item. There I was sat in my 9am lecture and next to me was a girl playing on a certain gadget (shows how interesting the lecture was). Now obviously i've seen these gadgets around but I always thought there wasn't any point in having one as I have my laptop. But watching this girl (I realise this sounds really stalker-ish) I suddenly realised that I really wanted one. So after my lecture off I went to the store and within 15 minutes was walking out with an IPAD thanks to my overdraft. This is the most impulse bought thing I have ever got but I thought 'ah it's fine I can pay back the money as I have a job'. NO. I am now the most skint I have ever been, I don't even have £10 of my own personal money (no joke) as I've also been paying for an American camp programme as well. So obviously I've been using what's left of my overdraft to buy the vitals and I'm still yet to pay any of it back. And as my student loan goes straight onto my accommodation and I don't get a grant, I'm now really struggling for money. I was then really sad because I thought, I could have bought loads of nice lovely new clothes and accessories with that money (which if I had, I know I wouldn't regret spending the money so much!). Don't get me wrong my Ipads pretty handy and saves carrying a heavy laptop but I really wish I'd given it some proper thought before buying it.
So my advice here to anyone reading 
and who doesn't actually have a lot of their own money, is before buying anything expensive, think to yourself 'do I really need or want this?'. If yes then go for it, if not then STAY AWAY! I now have no money until I paid end of the month -sigh



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