Friday, 30 August 2013



Last weekend I joined thousands of other young revellers to camp out in a field, listen to music on big stages, hold my nose at the smelly ports-loos and eat nothing but crap all weekend. Of course this all happened at a festival but not the popular ones like Leeds or Reading, but Creamfields which is held near Manchester. Some of you may never have heard of this festival as it's not massively well known and doesn't have your chart/ popular music but that doesn't mean it's not any good, well depending on your music taste. I had an amazing time and actually saw it all through as last year the sunday got called off due to the torrential downpour we'd had on the saturday night which meant  A LOT of mud and sinking tents = wet, miserable campers.

There's no point taking mega decent clothes with you to festivals as they'll most likely get muddy in some way ending with stains and maybe a few rips/holes. And I definitely don't take my decent makeup because i'll no doubt lose it or damage it. I'm one of those girls who starts off attempting to look half decent and by the
 end just looks like a tired, spotty mess and really can't be bothered to make an effort. This is when I get a little envious of the girls who somehow manage to look perfect all weekend!

Disney top Primark
Dungarees Amazon online
Wellies TK Maxx
Necklace Topshop
Watch River island
Ring Pandora
Nail Varnish Barry M 'Matt White'
and we mustn't forget a festival fave, the plastic anoraks/ponchos  

Rimmel 'Wake me up' concealer in 'Ivory'
Sleek 'Crochet' blush
Natural Collection 'Golden Glow' bronzer
Rimmel 'Clear Complexion' powder in 'Transparent'
Collection 2000 'Fix Me Up Makeup Fixer'
Loreal 'Super Liner Blackbuster' eye liner
Rimmel '100% waterproof mascara'
Collection 2000 Kohl eyeliner in 'Black'
Lipstick Kate Moss '107'

Top River Island
Dungarees Amazon Online
Necklace New Look
Wellies TK Maxx
Sunglasses Primark
Watch River island
My makeup was pretty much the same this day except I wore Sleeks 'Guipure' blush and didn't have any bottom eye liner on (Collection 2000 Kohl)

Shirt Cow Vintage
Shorts New Look (I am wearing them I promise!)
Wellies TK Maxx
Sunglasses Primark
Watch River Island
Again my makeup is pretty much the same as the first day as I didn't take a lot with me to be able to swap about too much. This day I wore Collections 'Lasting perfection' concealer as it gave more coverage and I have Sleeks 'Chantilly' blush.

I was a bit annoyed this year at how they'd planned the lineup as on the sunday there were sooooo many decent acts but all at the same time so I didn't get to see everyone I wanted. The festival starts off with a silent disco on the friday, which if you've never been to one they're so weird. Everyone's dancing to the tunes from the headphones then you take yours off and there's just complete silence and suddenly everyone looks like a complete weirdo because  they're dancing to silence. The main acts and other tents then start on the saturday and go through to the sunday evening. I think my highlight of the weekend music wise was seeing Avicii, Afrojack, Benga, David Guetta and Knife Party. There were so many other acts which I won't list them all else it will probably bore you and become a long post. I really like festivals because they can bring people together, suddenly everyones your friend even though you're all complete strangers and you party together all weekend. We met a group of really nice boys who we shared our camping space with and although we've never met them before we still sat up until the very early hours of the morning chatting away, sitting in our sleeping bags and me sharing my chips out. The one downside about festivals is the absolute thieving prices of the cheap quality food but they know as it's the only food available people will buy. I had a fab weekend but couldn't wait to get back and have a nice hot shower and wash my hair because it was really beginning to look like you could fry an egg on it (ewwww).

Did any of you go to festivals this summer?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Quick GIVEAWAY reminder


So this is just a reminder to let you all know that my "100 followers combined giveaway" ends THIS SUNDAY. If you want to be in with a chance of winning £40 to spend on whatever you want then read this post HERE for more details. The winner will also receive a secret little gift in the parcel I send as an added thank you. Would love it if you all entered!

The winner will be chosen at random (picked out of a hat) and i'll contact them monday to let them know.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wishlist #2 STYLIGHT Yourself


Todays post is a little different to normal as it's not about a product or something i've bought, but instead it's about a website i've recently been introduced too. I want to tell you about a place where you can shop, like looks, create looks, follow members and heart your favourite products. What is it? It's Stylight. I've recently been introduced to this site and I have to say, I am loving it! There are similar sites out there in terms of posting your own looks but this site is a whole new level. You get to scroll through trending looks which people across the Stylight community have hearted, as well as shop what they're wearing so you can wear it too. When someone posts a look they also post links to the clothes/accessories they're wearing or ones of a similar style so you know just where you can get it and at what cost. Stylight is connected to brands and so you can buy anything from jewelry, hats, shoes, trousers, jeans, shirts, bags... You get the jist, there is A LOT to offer and it's not all mega expensive. It doesn't have your usual high street brands like Topshop, New Look or Primark but it does have some high street prices from 21Fashion, Vera Moda, Even & Odd and more, and most of these even come with free delivery (even better excuse to buy don't ya think?). And of course for anyone out there with a higher price budget there are the dazzling high end brands available like Ray Ban, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Jitrois, D&G, Alexander Wang and more. If I list all of them we would all be here for a long time, so you should really check it out for yourself. I must admit I definitely won't be buying anything from the out of reach section (aka expensive designer) but I can still dream and heart my favourite products as I scroll through and drool.

These are just some of the items i've already hearted and would love to have!


Marc Jacobs SUNGLASSES £164.95 (SALE, these are so cute!)
Fendi WEDGE SANDAL £404.05
Fendi MUSTARD YELLOW BAG £1, 257.06 (SALE)
Serafini Alexandra HEELED BLACK BOOTS £105.69 (SALE)

Some of those items will forever remain on my wishlist but I can still look and dream!

What I like best about this site is that if you want to create your own look by posting your OOTD, it doesn't have to be high end and expensive. It can be high street and affordable and people will still like it. I've just followed one girl and she includes clothes from Primark so if any of you want to give it a go at posting your outfits somewhere other than on here, then do it! Don't be afraid thinking people will judge you because you're wearing Primark. This site is for everyone and if you think it's a good look then no doubt someone else out there will too, and they'll go on to heart it and you never know, you could soon be on the trending page! In time I may give this a go myself once I find a friend happy to turn into a part time photographer, but for now i'll admire everyone else.

This site is a fashionistas heaven and i've already spent waaaay too much time scrolling through new looks and torturing myself. I may have to cave and buy something very soon before I become too obsessed.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Can you keep a secret? My 'first time'


I've been tagged by the lovely Ada (thespianxx) to do this tag and as it looks quite fun to do so I thought i'd give it a go and reveal some information about me, some if which is a tad embarrassing but hey, everyone has something embarrassing from their past right?

Ha, me trying to pull a comical face FAIL

I met my first best friend at primary school and her name was Katie. We always hung out with each other and I used to go to her house a lot, we never came to mine because I live in the sticks and there isn't much to do, and I admit, we could be little naughty buggers when together. In year 3 I changed schools and had the shock of my life when a couple of weeks later she joined my new school so we could be together again (i'm not sure this is the reason but it can't be a coincidence). There was one dinner lady at this school who lets just say, we didn't get on with at all so would wind her up a little. Unfortunately we lost touch a little when it came to moving to big school and throughout the years we lost touch completely and went our own ways - sad face

Ha oh i'm blushing as I write this. I'm going to admit I was quite late into the whole kissing with tongues scene, like really late. It was when I was in year 9 and my rather short term boyfriend at the time had just been playing a 5-a-side football contest, his team won so he came up to me and just shoved his tongue in my mouth and BAM there was my first proper kiss. Stolen from me.

The legend that is Bon Jovi and I went to see him with my mum, sister and auntie. I can't remember how old I was or where it was but i've now seen him twice live. On the way there we were all singing our hearts out to his track learning the last few words we may not have known and wow, his gig was amazing! Any fans out there if you haven't seen him then go!

Oh this is another cringe first. I used to be a ha-uuge fan of Busted (who's with me here?) and I had a soft spot for Matt. I'm talking posters on the wall, buying their album books, Cd's, DVDs and even kissing Matts face sometimes before I went to sleep. One of my friends at the time who also loved Busted liked James and we used to argue over who was best. Obviously it was always an agree to disagree kinda situation. Thankfully I got over that phase, eventually.

I have no idea, probably 'mummy' or 'daddy'

Now i'm not sure if this was our first pet or not but it's the one I remember. We used to have an albino (I think, she was white with red eyes) hamster called Mini. We went away for a few days and gave her to a friend to look after who had a few cats herself. We came to pick her up and she told us that our hamster had 'escaped' pfft yeah right. I never believed her because our hamster was kept in a big plastic cage which was unclimbable because there was no where to grip and it had a metal wire gate/hatch at the very top. She told us Mini had escaped and opened the gate bit herself, which could only have been possible if she suddenly got Spiderman like powers to get up and the strength of Pop-eye to open the gate. So I think it was a sad ending to poor Minis life

It was a beauty and it was the Nokia 3310. How brilliant were these phones? They had the Snake game and were virtually indestructible, seriously. I got my phone for a christmas present along with £10 credit and I was so happy. The first thing I did after charging it was ring my best friend Katie at the time and we spoke for ages until suddenly my phone beeped and cut out. I was so upset as I thought my phone had broken but the credit has just run out. I didn't understand the concept of credit back then.

"Starting on the twitter hype. Lets see what the fuss is all about!" 1/10/2012

I didn't start wearing makeup until i was in year 9, so about 14 years old (I think) and even then I was one of the first amongst my friends to even wear any. I used to wear just a touch of mascara and a little bit of eye liner on my top lids and some of my friends used to be like "you wearing makeup!?" to which I would be like "oh yeah, um my sister was trying it out on me". I don't know why I used to be embarrassed about wearing it, maybe it's because no one else was, yet now a days you have kids in year 5 plastering it on themselves and I just think 'be a kid and make the most of it before getting into makeup and 'grown up' things'. Ha, call me old fashioned

So there we go, a little bit of me revealed to you all. I now tag;

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Friday, 16 August 2013

I just want to have a tan


I'm pale with fair skin, I don't tan, I never do. I go lobster red which will fade down to an almost tan then it will disappear. So for the summer I give myself a helping hand with fake tan products. I mean, I really don't want to be blinding the poor folks walking the street with my daz white legs do I? I don't maintain the fake tan routine all year round, i'm just too lazy to be honest so I really do need a quick fix for the summer. For nights out I tend to use the St Moriz (St Tropez cheaper dupe) mousse. I whack a layer or two of that on for the night then wash it off when I no longer have the pins out. For summer though I want something which requires less effort rather than showering, moisturising and then going on to tan. I just want something that will tan me whilst doing the job of something else. So welcome everybody to my summer tan favourite, Garnier summer body moisturising lotion.

I like to use this in the summer because it gives such a nice healthy looking tanned glow to my skin that isn't too orange. I mean yes, if I overuse this which I did at first then I do go a teeny bit orange, but if I just apply this all over once every other  night then I keep a subtle, natural looking tan. Goal achieved (hooray). It also leaves my skin feeling luxuriously soft (you know it's soft if i'm using that word) and is so easy to apply because it is just a moisturiser as well. Apart from when I missed a bit on my arm i've never had streaks from using this so coverage really is even. It does say it's a gradual tan but because I have such pale skin I can see a difference straight away so I try to keep it the tanned colour that I achieve after about 2 layers, else I just look essex style (sorry to any essex folks reading this).

At first it has a really lovely summery smell made from the apricot extract but as a few hours pass this nice smell wears off and in comes the horrible fake tan biscuit smell (yuck) but this soon wears off and becomes less noticeable. But if it's going to give me a nice tanned look then I don't mind so much.

What are your favourite summer tanning products?

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A few pennies spent in RI


This isn't a massive haul, just a few bits I got from River Island that I thought i'd share with you

Blue 3/4 sleeved cropped T-SHIRT £5 (sale item)

Rihanna yellow cropped t-shirt £7
 (sale item, can't find it on the website anymore)
Bugs are going to love me in this colour! Also well done Bryany for the out of focus shot (oops)

White arrow short NECKLACE £15

Gunmetal tone upper arm CUFF £3 (sale item)
This isn't my usual kinda thing but as it was cheap I thought i'd give it a go (be a bit more experimental)

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Friday, 9 August 2013

New Bourjois shine edition


Oooh i'm excited to tell you about these beauties I picked up from Boots yesterday. They're the new Bourjois Shine lipstick collection at £7.99 each and oh my, the colours are amazing! I wasn't even in Boots to look at makeup, I just happened to  find myself down the oh so familiar makeup aisle and spotted them. I was like a hawk swooping down on it's prey. So what about the product? Well, it's a glossy lipstick with "radiant colour and the comfort of a balm" according to Bourjois themselves and they actually are. They're a lovely glossy shine colour which do actually leave your lips feeling moisturised and soft (like a balm) and are so easy to apply as they just glide over your lips. The reason why they're a balmy lipstick is because Bourjois have added a touch of mango butter extract into them which is supposed to leave your lips moisturised for up to 10 hours. I can't comment on 10 hours worth of softness because I didn't wear it for that long but my lips did stay soft for the whole duration I was wearing them. There are 3 colours available and I picked up two; 20 '1 2 3 soleil' and 22 'famous fuchsia'

I so wanted to show you all what they actually look like on my lips but, and I know this is going to sound weird, I hate my lips close up. I just think they're wonky and don't look right so i'll save myself the embarrassment and just show you on my hand. As you can see the colours are pretty bright and i'll be honest and say that I achieved this intensity of colours after a few swipes, it doesn't come this pigmented in just one. It takes a few glides over your lips to achieve this level of colour as well but it's so worth it! I mean aren't they just beautiful? Now after all the hype i've created i'm going to but a little dampner on them (sorry). After putting it on my lips and doing the whole pressing the lips together to settle it on better, I found that some of the product just squeezed to the outer side of my lips and so I was left with a rim of glossy shine which I then had to smooth back over my lips with my finger, which equalled sticky fingers (i'm too immature, this made me giggle). I also found that the colour and glossiness fades quite quickly as it transfers so easily. Within a couple of hours I was reapplying to get the glossy shine back and to add more colour. But despite these two niggly negatives I still love these and think they are just totally gorgeous. I also think these two shades are a beautiful colour to wear this summer too so I shall keep them on me ready for when I want to spruce up my lips a little

Oh, and Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on Bourjois so I also picked up this nail varnish in 'Bleux fabuleux'. It's very similar to the Barry M 'Blueberry' i've been going on about recently, but it has a more intense, deep colour to it and I can't wait to wear it.

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Skin science


So today I thought i'd tell you about a couple of products i've been using from Bioderma. For those who have never heard of Bioderma it's a laboratory in France which uses the biology behind skin to create products to target specific elements to help get skin back to it's original natural balance. They have a whole range of products to suit any type of skin which is fab. For me i've got combination skin and redness on my face, or after self diagnosing myself (aka google), mild rosacea. I've used many cleansers in the past, my favourite being Simple, but I thought it was time to update my skin care and see if there was anything better out there. So I went for their cleanser and anti-redness cream. They're not overly high end expensive products but certainly more that the few quid ones you get off the drugstore shelf.

I've been using both of these products for just under 7 weeks now and I have to say i'm happy with one but so for the other.

The 'Micelle solution' cleanser HERE for combination skin has been an absolute dream to use and as you can see by the picture, i've used a lot of it. It's a liquid cleanser rather than the creamy ones i've been using in the past and I have to say, I do prefer liquid to cream. When using this my face just feels fresher as if everything has been removed in one clean gentle swipe and my skin feels lighter in a way. When I use a cream cleanser I feel like i'm just adding another product layer to my skin, which I know I am doing with this but it just doesn't feel like it. It's kinda hard to describe it really but basically it doesn't feel as thick to use as cream cleanser. With it being a liquid it's also much easier to use in terms of getting onto your cotton wool pad. It comes out nice and easily and you haven't got to bother with the whole shaking the bottle to get it from around the edges. With that though I did use rather a lot at first because I kept squeezing the bottle too hard and absolutely soaking my cotton pad, but hey, extra cleansing for my skin. As well as loving the product just for the use of it I have actually found that it's helped with my skin too. My skin, especially my forehead and nose, are a lot less oily these days and I can only put it down to this, as other than the moisturiser (and a spot fighting face wash) my facial skin care hasn't changed. I do use a hot cloth cleanser twice a week but i've been using that since before this so it must be down to this product.  It is a little bit more pricey than the £3 i'm used to paying for Simple as for 250ml it's about £10 but I would happily pay that again and again for it.

Now onto the 'Sensibio AR' cream HERE. I'm not so thrilled with this product but before the negative i'll tell you what I liked about it. In terms of moisturising it's done an absolute fab job, my skin isn't dry and feels soft all the time. It's a lightweight cream that isn't heavy on my face once i've applied it and it doesn't have too much of a fragrance either, which I like. When buying this it did have mixed reviews on the website about the effectiveness of it in keeping redness at bay but I thought I would try it out anyway and well, i'm not too impressed. After nearly 7 weeks of use I thought I would see a difference in the redness on my face and to be honest I haven't. I was kinda hoping for at least some results but nope, not a thing. My face isn't drastically red and patchy but enough so that I feel uncomfortable with a naked face so have to have at least some concealer on if out in public. Maybe it's just my face as by reading some of the reviews it has worked for others. It is shame as it's certainly not cheap at £16 for 40ml but we learn from trial and error right? So for me this won't be a repurchase.

Have any of you tried Bioderma and if so how did you get on? Also if anyone knows any great creams for sensitive/red skin then can you let me know please. Would be great to try some new products out

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Get rid of messy nails, quick!


So carrying on from yesterdays post about nail varnishes, I thought i'd share my tip on achieving neat finished nails because if like me you're really bad at painting your nails, especially when using my left hand, then this is just going to be a quick nail saver. It's another product by Barry M (i'm not being paid to big up Barry M, promise) and it's their 'Nail Paint Corrector Pen'. 

I think this was £3.99 and basically it does the job of cotton wool and nail varnish remover but without all the hassle and it's much more precise. When I paint my nails without fail i'll get it all over and probably end up with the same amount down the edges of my nail than on my nail and well, that's not really the desired look. So when I saw this little beauty I just had to have it because trying to remove the excess varnish off with cotton wool can sometimes mean I wipe the varnish off my nail and I have to start all over again (you can really tell i'm a pro at this, not). Because the nib is small and pointed you can really control where it is you're wiping and get such nice neat edges in no time at all. The nibs feel like hard compressed bits of wool, but I could be wrong, that softens a little at the very end when you put it in the applicator end. Overall you get three pieces with nibs on each end, so you actually get 6 applicator ends which is quite good. I've used this about 10 times now and I did find that after about 5 uses I had to switch the  nib round to a clean fresh end as after getting many different colours on it, the colours start to go onto my skin whilst removing the new colour i'd just painted on. A slight negative point to the pen is that it's not melon scented at all, it smells like regular nail varnish remover, but as I say it's only a slight negative as it doesn't affect the quality of it.

This little piece of genius has been an absolute god send when painting my nails and it's definitely something i'll carry on buying as it's so worth the money and saves a lot of hassle. Plus you get to save on cotton pads which is an added bonus I guess!

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Barry M Summer Nails


The sun is out (most days), the temperatures warmed up and it's all out with the legs and hello summer. When it's sunny and warm I like to jazz up my hands a little by adding some colour to my nails that suits the sunny summery mood. Barry M have the most perfect colours out at the minute, all of which are nice bright colours and compliment any skin tone, pale or tanned. I also like how affordable Barry M is, most of the ones included in this post were £3.99 (gelly & textured) and only £2.99 for the 'Matt White'. Bargain!

i'm not the neatest at painting my nails!

The 'Blueberry' colour is my absolute favourite one at the minute, it's just such a lovely colour that goes with pretty much anything you wear and I find that with all the gelly ones I only really need to apply one coat. The gelly colours are bright colours but not neon kind of bright, sort of subtle brights if that makes any sense? So they're a touch of colour without being too in your face. The 'Matt White' I find I have to apply two coats to get even coverage over the nail and the best brightness out of it but I still love it, and white nails are becoming a bigger trend. Most people (I mean the older folks here) do tend to ask if i'm wearing Tipp-Ex on my nails when I have this one on and I just have to laugh. I guess it does look rather similar as for a white varnish it does have some 'colour' to it and it's not as glossy as normal varnishes so I let them off. All the names seem rather fitting with the colours except for the 'Station Road', I don't know where they got that one from. The textured varnish is a lemony colour with a hint of glitter and almost has the texture of soft concrete, as if you're running your nail  along a concrete path/wall. I'm not the best at describing the feel but I quite like it, makes a change from the smooth nails we're all used to. My only downside to this varnish is that it's a bugger to get off your nails! I'm talking pressing really hard and rubbing for ages kind of struggle, but if you love the colour then I guess the hassle is worth it.

 What colours are you all loving this summer?

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

100 Followers combined GIVEAWAY


So I came to notice that with GFC and Bloglovin combed i've just reached short of over 100 followers. I can't thank you all enough and I know that most bloggers do the whole 100 followers giveaway thing, but I think it's a really lovely idea and it shows you how appreciative I am of every single one of you. And I know most bloggers only do the giveaway once they reach 100 followers on GFC but Bloglovin is just as important as it's still somebody reading what you've got to say. I honestly didn't even think I would ever reach 10, let alone 100 so..
 As for the giveaway, i'm leaving what you get entirely up to you. yes you read that right! I know it may seem like a lazy way out of having to pick something for you but you've all made me so happy by being interested in what I write, so in return, I want to make you happy by giving you what YOU want. I thought it would be a nice idea. The only conditions as to what I buy are that it has to be either a beauty product/s or something fashion-ey, like a bag/clothes/shoes. As for the spending limit, you have up to £40 to spend as you wish!

Conditions for entering are that you have to be a follower on either GFC or Bloglovin and i'm sorry to any international followers out there, but you must live in the UK. That's it! Once a follower (as you all are else you won't be reading this) all you need to do is comment below and say what it is you would like/ leave a link and maybe give a reason why, but that bit's optional. Or if you would rather keep what you would like private, then feel free to email me. I'll leave this open until Sunday 25th August, so three weeks from now. I'll choose the winner randomly and let the winner know by email so make sure you have some form of email contact available on your blog else i'll have to choose another winner.

Happy spending (well choosing)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Home sweet home


I just love coming back home from uni, i've lived out in the countryside most of my life and that's where I prefer to be. Surrounded by green grass, trees, fields, animals, farms, big gardens and best of all the peace and quiet. Don't get me wrong I do like living in the city and it has its perks, like being able to just walk to the shops rather than having to drive 30 minutes to the nearest city for some decent shops, and being able to go out and actually do something without worrying about having to park/get picked up. It's convenient and great for my social life but i'll always prefer the countryside. Where I live there's just 9 houses, a farm, church and a manor house so it's a pretty small area. Call me weird but I always feel refreshed when i've been home, maybe it's the country air (or i'm just weird?), like a new burst of energy or something that soon fizzles away when I go back to the urban concrete jungle that I call 'home' when at uni. Everything's just fresher back home, we grow some of our own fruit and veg, we can pick cherries off the tree when walking the dog (doesn't come much fresher than that!), I can actually sit in a garden with my own private space, I can listen to the birds chirping rather than the usual city pigeon and best of all, i'm reunited with my favourite person ever, my dog (yes he's a person to me). I love him waaaay to much it's not normal! And of course I come home to my mums cooking and lets face it, who doesn't love their mums cooking right? So I guess this little post is just sharing with you my home and countryside life because I love it so much I want you to see it to :)

June & July Favourites


I know i'm late posting this as it's now august but i've been busy the past few days giving my flat a good old scrub and finally moving back home properly this time for summer, so please forgive me! So I know I didn't do a favourites last month and well, that's just because I didn't feel like I was using enough new products which I loved and so a post last month would have only of had a couple of bits in it (and would have been a very short post). Anyway, I would now like to show you my favourites from the past two months which to be honest, I have just simply been over the moon about.

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in '107'
I just love everything about this lipstick from Kate Moss's collection. The colour is a lovely deep cherry red although it looks a little pink in the picture, it's not I promise and lasts a long time without reapplication. It's so moisturising on your lips unlike some of my lipsticks which just seem to sap all the moisture out, this one is just perfect. If like me you get dry lips quite easily I find that this lipstick doesn't stick to the dry bits making your lips all patchy so gives a perfect flawless finished look

Garnier Eye Roll on
So it's summer time and for once we in the UK are actually having hot weather, although not always sunny, but it's still warm which of course means hot sticky bedrooms and a struggle to get to sleep in this rare heat. This if course means tired eyes and the eye roll on has been my saviour at getting rid of the horrible grey bags under my eyes when I haven't slept well. I probably go overboard on using this as I apply it at night if I feel I won't be getting any sleep and again in the morning. Probably why its worked so well to be honest.

Dove Gofresh
I wouldn't normally class a deodorant as a favorite product but I am just in love with the smell of this one, and of course its ability to keep sweaty pits at bay (how lovely). The name kind of gives the smell away, fresh, and it really does smell lovely. Not just on first application but throughout the day as well. Next time you're in the supermarket and need deodorant, give this one a whiff before buying and see if you like it too.

Collection 'lasting perfection' concealer
Wow. This concealer is just amazing. I have a few other concealers which I also like to use but in the hot sticky weather this has been my go to. In hot weather I try to avoid wearing foundation as I just feel like my face is going to slide off and in a way I just feel fresher with wearing very little on my skin under the sun. I also think it helps to avoid spots. I've just been applying this over my spots and blemishes and i'm good to go. the coverage is amazing and as the name suggests, lasts pretty much all day too without much need to reapply.

Toni & Guy Sea Salt spray
My hairs a little limp and lifeless at times and in the summer I just want it to have a bit more umph and texture so i've been using this sea salt spray which adds a little bit of volume, texture and wave to the ends of my hair. It creates a sort of mild beach/surfer kind of look which I really like.

Barry M 'Blueberry'
This has got to me my favorite nail varnish for this summer, I just love the colour of it. It's a bright colour which goes really well with a tan (fake or real) as it just compliments the skin tone and adds a touch of colour to any outfit you wear.

Burts Bees Mango Lip Balm
I own a lot of lip balms and I use them all but this one has been my favourite to use the past couple of months. I'll be honest and say i'm not ever so keen on the smell anymore but it does a blummin good job at keeping my lips moisturised and soft.

Primark Butterfly print shorts
I actually bought these last year to go on holiday with as they're a thin material and don't cling to your legs when you get all hot, which for the past few weeks has been pretty perfect with the UKs heat wave going on. I love to just put these on when i'm chilling around the house as they're incredibly comfy and so lightweight it almost feels like i'm not wearing any bottoms!

Random favourite
Rudimentals 'Home' album. This music is my kind of music and i've been listening to it pretty much every other day, it's one of those albums i'll never get bored of. The music is just perfect for summer as well and just makes me want to dance around the house like a crazy women!