Friday, 20 September 2013

25 Facts About Me


1. My full name is Bryany Ellen Lowe. I used to hate my middle name but its come to grow on me
2. I once stapled two of my fingers together. My mum thought my crying was laughter so didn't come to help!
3. I used to put sugar on top of Frosties
4. I don't like cheese
5. I've NEVER worn a pair of false eyelashes (do I hear some of you gasping in horror?)
6. I used to have subtle hints of ginger in my hair
7. I was an ugly baby. I'm yet to see a picture of me younger than about 18 months, i've been told I was too ugly (I hope they're joking, I was going to include a picture here but i'm too ashamed of my baby face. Haha)
8. I've never hit anything whilst driving *touch wood*
9. I passed both theory and practical first time
10. I went to 4 primary schools
11. I used to live in Germany but I don't know German
12. I was born in the south of the UK but now live in the East Midlands
13. I once got a pea stuck up my nose so mum took me to hospital. Luckily I sneezed in the car park and it came out. Gross
14. I don't like most insects or anything that buzzes. Ladybirds, caterpillars, butterflies i'm fine with
15. I've been told I look like Bridget Jones a few times now. Do I?

Haha, have I nailed the look?

16. I got my first job when I was 16
17. I don't like beer, lager, apple ciders, wine, sambuca, whiskies, brandies, most cocktails, champagne.. Basically all I drink is coconut rum or vodka with orange juice
18. I don't like coconut though...
19. I absolutely love cereal, even if i'm not hungry in the morning I will still eat some
20. I love my mums cooking, it's the best (but who doesn't say that?)
21. I'm not an adventurous eater, i'm quite fussy so stick to what I know. Last christmas mum cooked scallops to start and whilst everyone else tucked in I just sat laughing at how pathetic I was because I didn't dare try them. Turns out I quite like them
22. I used to play for a football team
23. Hot chocolate always fills me up, even a small one
24. I went to secondary school knowing no one at all as no one from my primary school went to the same school as me. I'm still friends with the first ever secondary school friend I made 9 years on (wow times have gone fast!)
25. I have an older sister but we look nothing alike. I think one of us could have been adopted

So there we go, some facts about me. Hope you've enjoyed reading them. I tag anyone who reads this (and who wants to do it) to have a go at revealing 25 things about yourself

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Get Rid of Those Spots with Clinique Anti-Blemish


I gets spots and scars from spots, I get blemishes and I hate my natural skin. My skincare used to be quite simple, literally. I used Simple cleanser, toner, face wash and makeup wipes because I liked how it felt on my skin and it didn't irritate it. I then 'upgraded' my skin care to Bioderma but I wasn't overly impressed with one of the products. But now the time has come to upgrade even further as i'm fed up of my horrible skin and I keep getting breakouts (I don't think cuddling my dog all the time helps). Well ENOUGH! Someone with nice skin please trade with me, i'll give you a million (in monopoly money..). Five weeks ago my dad told me to go to the Clinique counter because never having bought anything from the brand I didn't know if they'd have anything that will work on my skin and finally let me feel comfortable with my naked face. They did have something for me and it's the 3 step Anti-blemish Routine which you use every morning and every evening until the spots are less common, then you use just the once during the day. I'll be honest it set me back a few pounds (£51 to be precise) and I crossed my fingers it wasn't going to be a waste of money, but I have to say i'm pretty please with how it's worked.

So first to use is the cleansing foam which removes excess dirt and oil as well as unclogging pores. You have to take your makeup off before using this as this isn't a cleanser to remove makeup so I guess it's kind of step 2 in the skincare routine. I use my Bioderma cleansing solution to wipe away my makeup before using this. This works so well on my skin as normally I find foamy face washes to be quite drying but this leaves my skin feeling so super soft and hydrated that I happily use it twice a day. You pump it a couple of times into your hands and just gently rub all over your face. I like to leave it on for a minute or two before washing it off because I feel like washing something straight off won't give it any time to work it's magic.

For this step all you do is shake the bottle to mix up the two layers of liquid and dab a very small amount onto a cotton pad. A little goes a long way with this so I have a feeling this will last alot longer than the foam wash, as I think i'm nearly out of that so shall have to repurchase in a couple of weeks (I say think because you can't see into the bottle and it's beginning to feel a  little light). You gently wipe the cotton pad over your face and ta-dah that's step 2 finished. So easy. The lotion is for exfoliating your skin gently and to reduce oil amounts even further to reduce shine. This is perfect for me as I get quite oily skin and I have noticed that I no longer have such a shiny face since using this. I'm not so keen on the smell of this as it's smells quite strongly of alcohol but it doesn't feel harsh on my skin at all. After using this my skin feels even fresher than after the first step and again it doesn't dry my skin out which I really thought it would.
And so, for the final step is the All-over clearing Treatment cream which is oil free and helps treat existing blemishes as well as aid in fighting off future breakouts. It's a very thin cream so a little really can go a long way. The amount I have on my finger is just about right if not slightly too much so you do have to be careful when squeezing this out of the tube! The lady at the counter told me that my face would probably dry out and go quite tight, so if it did then to not to use this day and night but so far my skin feels fine with this on top of the previous stages. I don't like the smell of it as it smells old, like something your grandma uses on her face but it's not a strong smell thank god (sorry to any grandmas out there). I did originally think that this would make my skin go a little shiny/oily even though it's oil free because it feels like an oily cream, but my doubts have been blown away and locked securely out of sight. 

The lady gave me a few freebies as Clinique were doing this 'Clinique Bonus' thing (not sure what the rules/expenditure on that was) and it included a little pot of their Moisture Surge and other little things. She told me to use the moisture surge if my skin did start to feel dry, my skin hasn't felt dry but I have used this a few times just to make sure my skin doesn't dry out. 

I really do love using these products and will continue to use them and most likely repurchase because it's helped to clear my skin up so much you wouldn't believe, even to the point my sister has told me my skin looks better, so it must be working! I'm not just saying that because it's expensive and so I want to believe that it's worked because it actually has and i'm a lot more confident about my skin now. I still have spots but I wasn't expecting a complete miracle and the lovely lady at the counter did say it could get worse before it gets better and so to keep using it and see it through. All I can say now is thank you to my dad for making me go to the Clinique counter. Gone are all the old treatments i've tried (and there are many) and this is here to stay!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Make your eyeshadow last with Too Faced


I never really used to be much of an eyeshadow wearer, part of the reason was because it would always crease and wear off so I just didn't bother. The other month whilst in Boots I ventured over to the more expensive side, away from the drugstore and into the higher end products. This was when I found this little shadow saver from Too Faced priced at £17. I'm going to admit, I find the packaging design quite cute so that did play a part in my purchase but in my defence, this has turned out to be a good buy. I was a bit unsure as to whether to part with so much money for such a little tube as I didn't even know how good it would be. I know it's not a new product to the market as it's been out ages, years even, but for me this has become a new discovery which I always make sure I use when wearing eyeshadow.

Before applying my eyeshadow, I just squeeze a little bit of this onto my finger and rub into both of my eyelids and leave it a minute or two whilst I finish the rest of my face makeup before starting on my eyes. It makes my eyelids feel almost a little velvety which is a nice feeling, and I don't know why but it just makes me feel like it will make my eyeshadow last longer. It also makes my eyelids feel moisturised for the day, which just adds to the niceness of using this product (I know people don't tend to get dry eyelids but hey, thought i'd add that one in there).The liquid is a beige colour but this doesn't affect the colour transfer of your eyeshadow at all, which is good because I tend to use light toned colours as I go for the more natural eye makeup look.

I work in a restaurant which does often mean I get a little hot with all the speed walking around ,so I was amazed that when finishing my shift the first time I wore this my eye shadow was still all in place and not a crease in sight! I kid you not. Normally my eyelids can get quite oily and the rest of my face goes quite shiny when I get all hot after all the rushing around, but the one thing that still looked perfect was my eye shadow. So since then I always use this little trusty tube and I know that my eyes will still look great until I take it all off.

My only slight criticism is that if I don't use this within a few days it can come out quite watery at first so I have to do a few small squeezes before it comes out how it should. But other than that I have no problem with it and when I run out, providing I have the money to spend, then I will repurchase it. My doubts at spending so much on it have been thrown out because I truly think this is worth every penny. I was going to include some photo's of my eyes one with this on and one without so I could show you the comparison. But you know those days where you just can't get a decent photo? Yeah well, I had one of those except it wasn't just one day, it was multiple days. So sorry there are no actual eye photos, but take my word for it, it's a great product!

What eyeshadow primers do you use?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Wishlist: We're going to rock down to AVENUE 32*


Sooooo this wishlist is a little different because well, it's one where I am 100% never going to own the items because lets face it, i'll never be a millionaire (although any donations are welcome). But like with my last wishlist, I can still drool over the items I love from Avenue 32 and the fabulous designers who create such beauty. I know that some people would argue that designer clothes are ridiculously expensive, and to some extent I agree, but, if the quality is the best you can get and you have the money then you would purchase a few items here and there wouldn't you? (Don't be ashamed to admit it). 

So after scrolling through Avenue 32's website I found a few favourites which I thought I'd share with you all. 

Cedric Charlier Red Suede Clutch bag 

Cedric Charlier Printed Tapered Trousers
Cedric Charlier Two Tone Merino Jumper 
Cedric Charlier Fuchsia Trim Trousers
 3.1 Phillip Lim Black Danny Chelsea Boots
Carven Navy Carbon Drape Jacket
Aperlai Wine Suede Gatsby Loafers 
Aperlai Suede Geisha Doll Heels

As you can see from the list my favourite designer is Cedric Charlier who had some rather gorgeous stuff in his collection. There were other items I quite liked such as the Yellow Leather Effect Skirt and the Red Suede Pumps but I thought i'd keep my wishlist to a minimum else it would be overloaded. I think without a doubt if I had the money the clutch bag would be mine, the colour is amazing and I would probably make sure I wore it with every outfit just so I could show it off a little (My 21st is coming up soon if you all want to donate ;) Haha jokes ). I also think the Fuchsia Trim trousers could jazz up a work suit a little by adding a splash of colour, or they would be perfect for a smarter going out kinda look.

Do any of you have items from designers you wish you could have!? You never know, they could be ours one day!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Back to the city & a New 'Home'


I've moved back to the city that I call 'home' whilst at uni and it's a little lonely at the minute as i'm the first to move into our new house ("all by myself, don't wanna be..." *cough*). It's always a little weird moving into a new uni house. I always think of the hundreds of people that have previously lived in my new 'home' and what wild antics have taken place. My thoughts always then move onto my new bed and what's gone on in that. I just think sleeping on a bed that someone else has slept on is just gross, but luckily this year I've got a brand spanking new mattress, which pleases more than it probably should. Being back in the city also means back to the hustle and bustle of city life. Taxi's, buses, cyclists, people, traffic, pigeons, concrete, work, noise and plenty of opportunity to spend some hard earned money. I guess the last point isn't so bad and of course the city means back to my (drunk) social life. Ha. 

 Nottinghams answer to the beach and amusement park

This is obviously one of the best reasons to be in the city

I think that out of all the places we've lived in during my uni years this new house is definitely my favourite. I've lived in flats the past two years which are great for space and running up and down corridors, but even though I filled my room with homely things they've never quite felt like home. But this is all different, we have an actual house and it just feels cosier and less like I'm just in someone else's room with my things in. I've got to admit the location of this house isn't the greatest. It's on the border of Forest Fields and Hyson Green, which if any of you are from Nottingham or know the city then you'll know that it's not the best of areas. Ha. But as I kept telling my mum, it's on the border and on the city side so it won't be all that bad (I hope i'm right!).

 So here's to my last year at uni and hopefully the best year

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Confessions of a SHOPAHOLIC


I would have done my own picture but I've just moved house so the place is an unorganised mess and I don't have any store bags to snap either! (I need to go shopping) Source: Google

So Hannah from the HannahLucyDiaries (check out her blog - so good) tagged me to do this post (sorry it's taken me so long, apology accepted?) and it looked like a fun one to do so here we go..

1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
Ha like I need to be asked. YES. I used to be so good at saving my money and only buying things I absolutely needed. Now i'm like a kid in a candy shop, I go crazy. I literally cannot go out without buying something, even if it's only small/cheap I still get something. I'm one of those people who hate spending money on food as I see it as a waste but will buy products I don't even need. I have issues.

2. How Would you classify your style?
It's a bit sorta mix and match and style to style. I usually just wear jeans or leggings and baggy tops or just throw something together. It's not a very girly style and I never have been. I can dress girly with flowers and cute collars and sometimes I do like this but I am mostly casual and a bit more boyish.

3. What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing?
Every beauty person will probably say this. Boots. Even if it's some vitamin tablets or cotton pads, I still buy and save up my points. I do go through phases of not being able to leave Topshop without buying something, at the moment though i'm not in that phase.

4. Where do you find the best deals?
Depends what you're looking for, if it's house products then Poundshops without a doubt. Clothes wise anywhere that has a sale. I would normally say Primark has some great deals, which it does, but I also think it can be waaaay over priced for the quality that you're buying. Then if it's beauty products then Superdrug nearly always has some offer on something so always check there before Boots!

5. Do you have a "go to" shopping outfit?
No else i'd look the same all the time as i'm nearly always shopping these days (savings going great..). I just chuck on whatever.

6.What is your guilty pleasure? (not including beauty products)
Jogging bottoms/ Pj bottoms. I'll get in from being out and as soon as I can i'll stick a pair of comfy loose trousers on. Just feel much more relaxed and homely.

7. What is one staple clothing piece you can't live without? 

Jeans/leggings. I just feel more comfortable in these than in skirts or dresses as I always feel skirts are blowing up, or i've tucked it into my knickers and that you just have to be a lot more lady like. I like to sit in lectures with my legs crossed or one leg up on the chair and one down. I can't really do this if i'm having to protect my modesty.

 8. What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?
Ombre hair. I'll admit I achieved my ombre like hair just by being lazy and letting my hair grow and not getting it re-rooted. I love the look as it really adds something to your hair and makes it a but more jazzy and less plain.

9. What trend did you love that passed away too quickly?
Hmmm  to be honest I don't really know. I think these days every trend is out there as there's always a few people who carry it on even when a majority no longer bother with it. I do  like to keep up with trends and do my best but I don't really know of any that passed too quickly. 

10. Who is your fashion icon?
Cara Delevingne, I just love her casual style as she shows you don't have to be girly to be a girl. I also like Laura Whitmore for more girly/rocky outfits and you may not have heard of her blog but my good friend Boonya from The Arty Wardrobe. She always looks amazing whatever she wears and it makes me jealous (damn you women!)

I now tag;
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And anyone else who wants to do this tag, comment me your link :)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Add some "Volume" to your hair with Label M


So i'll start by saying that this won't be a shining review of a miracle worker that adds loads of volume to your hair. I'll get to the point and be quite blunt about it by saying that this product is quite crap with a capital C. I don't like giving bad reviews to things as I want to love everything I try but sadly this time it is what it is and I don't like it (sorry Label M). I bought this when in my hair salon a few weeks back as my hair can be quite flat and with having quite a round face, flat hair against round does not look too good (on me anyway). With having bought it from a professional hair salon i'll be honest and say that I was expecting great things, especially as it's priced at £12.50, but i've been left somewhat a bit disappointed and here's why...

First up it says "pump a small amount into the palms and watch the foam expand!". Well it does quite the opposite. Every time i've used this i've pumped some into my hand and it's just gone flat and watery. With it being a foam I thought it would be quite light and so easily expand as mousses manage it fine and they're a heavier consistency. But no. Within a few seconds it starts going watery and eventually you just have a pool of liquid left in your hand (I've tried to show this in the video and photo below). Also the pump is a bit pathetic, it hardly pumps anything out so by the time you've got the amount you want, the first bit that pumped out has started going a bit flat so you're just constantly pumping away.

I don't know whether i'm being too slow with using the foam which is why it turns to water in my hands or whether it is just because it's crap but i'm going to go ahead and say it's the latter. I still go ahead and apply the now volume water to my roots as best as I can and comb it through like it says to do. You then blow dry your hair and should hopefully have a head of volumised hair. It's not crap in turns of volume, I do get a little bit of volume but not a great deal, so there is some truth in the name, that being the volume part. I thought perhaps I was applying too much but what I squirt onto my hands in the video is what I attempt to use. I'll admit i'm not a massive mousse/foam user on my hair so I could be doing this all wrong in terms of how much i'm trying to use. Please tell me if I am!

Next up is the smell. This has to be the strongest overpowering product smell I have ever come across. I don't mind subtle smells within products but this takes the biscuit. I wish I could send the smell to you all so you know what I mean and know i'm not over exaggerating. I know some people might like strong smells so will disagree with me here but when it's such a strong smell and you're then putting it into your hair which is close to your nose, it just becomes too much for me and actually hurts my nose (no joke). I'm not really sure what the smell is, it reminds me of a mixture between a cleaning product, hairspray and something else I can't quite think of. I'm probably being a little harsh here but I just really don't like the smell of it and well, I have to be honest else there's no point in writing a review on it.

So to sum this product up it's not all crap as it does add a tiny amount of volume which is better than nothing I admit, but I expect more and so don't really rate it highly. It's also not really an expanding foam, more a deflating one that's too happy to turn back into a liquid at the quickest opportunity. I did start thinking that maybe I just bought a dud bottle of it and it is actually super amazing and i've just lucked out, so if anyone has used this in the past please let me know! If it is crap across the board then i'm not sure i'm going to buy any Label M products in the future, i'll stick to what I know works.

What products to you use to add volume, would love to know!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Ready to post!


So this is just a little post to let keziah from 'KeziahRose' know her prize is ready to be sent off! Keziah won the giveaway and chose this gorgeous dress from Monki which i'm quite tempted to buy myself. Thank you to those who entered!

Hope it's perfect for you