Monday, 1 December 2014

"Where Have You Been?"

Where have I been the past couple of months, or actually this past year as my post numbers are pretty low for 2014. Well, I'm still here and I'm dying to write posts every other day to keep you guys interested in my blog, there's just one problem, I don't have a laptop anymore and so writing posts has become a bit of a difficulty. It's become sooooo frustrating because I have so many posts I want to be writing, including my winter outfits and makeup but I just can't. I have the images and ideas but getting to a computer/laptop can be a struggle. I feel like I've neglected by blog and so become separated from the blogging world as i'm posting so rarely. 

So I guess this post is just a quick message to say that I am still here and I still love blogging. I'll post when possible as I really really want to post my christmassy posts, and after christmas, i'm gunna take the plunge and get myself a cheap laptop to keep me going.

Hopefully post soon!


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bored of Shop Flavours? | DIY Vodka

I'll start by saying drink responsibly and obviously be over the legal age!

Strawberry flavoured vodka can be bought in shops I know, but the recipe/ method i'm about to show you can be used on any fruit flavours. I'm not sure if this is the method to go about making flavours using sweets as I doubt you'll need the sugar, but it definitely works for fruit and I can't imagine the method would be that much different. So be experimental and try it out.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn/ Winter Coats | Highstreet Wishlist


"Winter is coming" (any Game of Thrones fans?).
Leaves are falling, it's getting colder and so the coats are coming out to keep us warm. I already have a large selection of coats, some aren't the warmest admittedly, but here's a few I would love to get for this winter.

Purple Fur Collar Coat from Sainsburys
Fluffy Wool Check Duster Jacket from Topshop
Grey Grid Check Collared Coat from New Look
Check Print Jersey Coat from Topshop
Dark Green Zig Zag Texture Coat from River Island

I love this style of coat as they allow room for wearing layers underneath and will go with any outfit (maybe not trackie bottoms). I first saw the grey grid coat from Topshop but after a ganders on the web I came across a much cheaper alternative from New Look and it's almost an exact match, so it pays to look around. River Islands Zig Zag coat is my fave out of the bunch as it looks so simple but at a closer glance you can see the pattern detailing giving the jacket a sort of understated quality. I haven't seen this in the flesh so I hope that when I do, it looks just as good as it does on the internet.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

MAC Magenta Lip Pencil


Us girls (and possibly some boys) use lip pencils for a number of reasons, whether it's to fill, shape or define our lips. My most favourite lipstick ever since buying it is MAC's Flat Out Fabulous and it is my go to lippy. So to add a lil bit more drama to my already brightly coloured lips, I wanted a lip pencil to help add a bit more definition and this was the one. Now, I wouldn't normally go for a colour of this shade but because of the lipstick I wanted to pair it with, it was an easy choice and one without any ums and questionable aaars. 

The shade is beautiful, a lovely deep rich purple with a slight fuchsia tint to it and fantastic pigmentation. It's bright, it's bold and it's daring. The actual pencil does give the impression that the colour will be of a more purple tone but once you swatch, you discover the fuchsia-y, plummy purple delight. It matches so well with Flat Out Fabulous which is a deep pink/ purple colour and I know some girls who also pair this with Girl About Town, a slightly pinker lippy than FOF. It's the perfect darker version to add the definition I so wanted.
MAC lip pencils have a creamy formula so although they do look like a dry pencil, application is so smooth and they have amazing durability without the need for regular touch-ups. Also, there's none of the whole going over and over the same patch to achieve the best colour, one stroke and it's there, as bright as it is on the nib. I would say that personally, even though it is creamy to use, it can after some time become a little dry and so any topping up I do do (do, do, do, dooo, do), becomes a tad tricky because it pulls my lips a little. But as I say, that's me personally and it could be down to the fact I naturally have drier lips and as a person who uses liners so rarely, I can't say whether it's the product or my lips. Or it could be that I'm using it with a matte lippy which of course has so glossiness to it.

Admittedly it is towards the more pricey side at £12.50 but what MAC product isn't expensive? And I don't mean that in a bad way at all, I truly believe MAC is worth every penny you spend and it makes it that little bit more special when you purchase, because it's a treat to ourselves every now and then.

If you're thinking about purchasing any of the MAC lip pencils, I really would recommend going into a store and checking them out physically rather than just looking online. Don't be fooled by the very obvious purple shade the website represents this colour to be. If I had just looked online I wouldn't have chosen any of them to match my lipstick so it's always better to try and give the lovely MAC ladies a visit and ask. 

Buy  MAC Magenta and other shades here

Which lip pencils do you like?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Storage Ideas | Nail Varnishes


With my ever expanding nail varnish collection, I really needed to think of some new ideas as to how to store them. Originally I had what looked like a long box lid with three sections to it, which soon enough became too small. And because I couldn't see the colours, as they were so packed into a small space, I painted a little dot of the varnish on the lid so I could easily select my colour of choice (organised or me just being lazy?). Although I could now see all the colours, I wanted something different than to just shoving the box in a draw where they'll stay under cover and I won't be inspired to paint my nails. So low and behold the idea of glass jars.
I love how you can see all the colours, adding some colour to my room, as well as reminding/ inspiring me to paint my nails because I can actually see what I have among my collection. The slight issue of me now being unemployed has halted anymore additions and so the big and little jar will do perfectly for me for now. 

Large Kilner Jar Wilkinsons £4
You can find these in most supermarkets/ food/ homeware stores

Small jar free as recycled from a used candle.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Brighton Blues


Flicking through my pictures, I realised I never posted about my short get away to Brighton with two of the bestest bestest people in my life. Looking back at the photos has made me want to go back so badly, especially now the weather is getting a little chilly and the clouds are making an appearance again. We stayed for a couple of days, sleeping in the Grapevine Hostel along the sea front (such cheap prices at this place!) and spending all day blissfully enjoying the sunshine. I'd been obsessing with going to Brighton for well over a year, and probably got on everyone's nerves constantly banging on about the place. But last summer I kept reading posts of trips to sunny ol' Brighton and  just wanted to go so so sooooo badly. After some time, my obsession became a reality and I loved it. Brighton is a beautiful place to be.
To sum our trip up, I got pooed on my a seagull - is that really good luck?, went on the pier roller-coaster, went on the open top tourist bus, ate ice cream, tried out the local bars, got sunburn, 
tried out the seafood (I won't be trying again, ewww), witnessed several sexual actions take place on the beach at 3am (naughty), walked around the Lanes which is such a cute area, drank milkshake from ChoccyWoccyDooDaa (OMG amazing), but most importantly because we were at the seaside, we had fish and chips. Well they had fish and chips, I had just chips with gravy and ketchup. My friend who's more northern than me -she's a Yorkshire lass- even turned her nose up at the combo but honestly it does work! I was a little sad they didn't know what scraps were though. Are they called something else in the south or is just a more northen thing??

I love Brighton and hope I can go back soon. To anyone who hasn't been, GO! But don't expect sandy beaches like my friend did. You'll be a tad disappointed!


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I Need Your Help!

Slightly different post to normal...

I'm stuck on how to have my hair and need your help (pleeeeeeease). Currently, my hair is a mix of my natural mousy brown/blonde hair gradually fading into blonde locks. I even saved money on achieving the ombre look by just letting my roots grow out (#lazy). I would love love love to have naturally dark hair but I don't. Instead I have hair that's dull in colour, has no richness to it's look and just looks a bit plain. Don't get me wrong, on some people the colour suits but on me I just don't like it.
I spent years getting my hair bleached blonde and looking back now, i'm not sure I would go back to the same barbie-esque colour but perhaps a more honey blonde colour. I got that bored of being blonde that I went brunette for  a while (which did go a bit gingerish but moving on) and I really liked it. Some weren't so keen and when I say now that I want to go Brunette, it's categorical NO from everyone I say it to. Partly because without fake tan, I am super pale and so would it suit?
But then there's another issue, I really like the ombre look so I would want to go a light to medium brunette on top and keep the blonde ombre on bottom. But will this be too much up-keep because of my lighter natural hair colour and looking like I have grey roots. So  then the question is, do I scrap the ombre and go a honey/dark blonde all over which won't look so dodgy when roots show through? HELP!

So my question to you guys is what do you think? What do you honestly think would look best looking at the photos and judging from my past colours? I know pretty much all of you haven't seen me in real life so probably can't truly say which colour I should go, but I still appreciate any thoughts because i'm getting nowhere trying to decide myself!


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

July Favourites | Video


I've actually managed to do a monthly favourites post (horaaahhh). It is in video form as i've been extremely busy moving houses and travelling to Brighton (post up soon!) so it was actually a lot quicker and easier to just film it all rather than go snap happy and not being happy with the outcome. Though to be honest, the quality of video isn't all that great. Once i'd finished filming and editing, it was then that I realised that I was ever so slightly out of focus (doh). The quality has also faded a bit since uploading  and I don't know what it will be like for you guys but on my laptop it's gone blurry since putting it on Youtube.
 Annnnywaaaay, I'll shut up and stop putting you off from watching it before you've even began. I hope you enjoy!


List of all my favourites last month:
Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
Origins Never A Dull Moment Facial Scrub
St Moriz Tanning Spray in Medium
Tanya Burr Peaches and Cream Nail Polish
Mac Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick
Mac All That Glitters Eyeshadow - dueled with Expensive Pink
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Ivory
American Horror Story (Netflix)
Ideal Home Magazine

Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Perfect Foundation

It's been a while....again. It's not helped that my laptop broke so i'm having to borrow my mums and that my internet runs out today, so i'll be internetless for two weeks (I feel as if i'm losing a part of me).

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. My holy grail for all foundations.
I first purchased this back in October I think it was and since then it has been my everyday foundation, my foundation recommendation to friends and just a staple item in my make-up chest beating my high end foundations (can I squeeze foundation in one more time?).

It has a flawless finish on my skin, covering all blemishes and dark areas instantly giving a brighter appearance to my skin with even, light coverage that's easily build-able. When applying, the texture is light, creamy and silky, blending easily into the skin to give a natural coverage look (hence the name), which for me is perfect. I don't really like to look like i'm wearing a heavy layer of product on my face. It doesn't feel heavy either, it sits lightly on my face and happily stays there all day. Admittedly my face can and does get a little shiny so I have to top up with powder, but I think that's more to do with the oily nature of my skin than this product. 
What's more, it doesn't have a strong cosmetic smell which lingers around your face for the first few hours after application. Also, because it's so light it's been perfect for the humid weather we've been having recently and my skin can still breath and not get too sweaty, which would result in make-up sliding down my face (not a brilliant look). To add to it's perfection, it's relatively cheap too. About the £7/8 mark if I remember correctly.

I do have a confession about this though. I would prefer it if it had a pump as I am useless with the whole no pump, have to pour it out myself thing. On a daily basis I over pour and waste a bit of product so it would last a lot longer if I wasn't wasting it. Or I could just become better at pouring...
Another confession. I have three of this foundation. Yes three and I have perfectly legitimate excuses for it (i'm not a crazy foundation lady I swear). My first one was in the colour 'Shell' which at the time I thought would be the right shade, however it wasn't as I was and still am too pale for it. So obviously I went out and bought the lightest shade (i think) 'Ivory' which was the perfect match for my paler than pale skin tone. But now summer is here I don't want to be a relative of Casper (pleeeeease tell me you've seen the film) and so i've gotten into the routine of fake tanning, obviously meaning my perfect match is now not so perfect because it's too light. So welcome shade 'Natural Beige' to my collection. I now have the perfect matches for  all the skin tones I can be, abnormally pale, slightly tanned and tanned. Perfecto!

So glad I finally wrote this post. Only been saying I would since December/ January! Ooops.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer Festival | No Tomorrow

I swear time is just flying by, it's been almost a month since my last post but feels like only last week I posted it!

Summer is a time for sun (fingers crossed, although we're doing rather well at the moment), music, sunglasses, fun, BBQ, beaches, ice lollies and maybe a few drinks here and there. So of course, summer also means festivals and over the past few years, i've been getting into my festivals and enjoying them far too much. At the beginning of the month (yes I know, i'm rather late with posting about it) I popped on down to Wollaton Park in Nottingham for the day festival No Tomorrow. I was originally going to another festival on the same day but i'd seen the main acts for that one before and the line up for this was just too good to miss. Clean bandit, Sam Smith, London Grammar, Duke Dumont, need I say more? It was epic, so good in fact I got into the spirit of it all and did the cliche of having my face painted - once i'd waited in line for an hour! What I like most about festivals besides from the music, is that everyone and anyone becomes your friends for the day/weekend and you all get along singing, laughing, queuing for the toilet almost to the brink of peeing yourself and of course, everyone taking the obligatory selfies and happy snaps. The photo below with two blonde ladies in next to me and my friend, no idea who they are but we chatted and sat together and shared the day. Something though that I dislike about festival events is the cost of everything. I left my sunglasses behind thinking it was going to be a cloudy day and so spent a fiver on some tacky plastic ones which even Primark wouldn't sell. Money which could have been spent on something more enjoyable and refreshing. And also, girls arses. Whhhhhy when at a music festival do some girls feel the need to wear shorts that go so far up their bum they're constantly de-wedging themselves. I mean, wear shorts by all means, I do myself but little straps of denim can't be comfy can it?. I saw enough peachy bums to last me a lifetime that day. My apologies to any of you who wear such shorts.

Here's a few snaps of my day :)

I was told to pull a sexy face. Instead I did this - daaaaaamn I so fiiine

I'm not going to a camping festival this year as of yet. I still have hope for Zoo Project later on in the year and i'm gutted to be missing Creamfields but i'm so glad I went to this one as it's made up for it. One final good thing about day festivals is that once your all bloated from all the drink and food, you can just go back home and slob out in your bed rather than in a tent - beautiful!

Anyone going to a festival this year?

Monday, 26 May 2014

Bags for Summer | Wishlist


As summer approaches i'm spending more time on the internet scouring for the perfect summer dress, sandals, hats, sunglasses and to go with them all, the perfect bag. Of course everything I find is going into my ever expanding online wishlist because you know, times are hard and all that after already spending over the past couple of months (when will I learn?). So here are some of the bags i'm currently in love with as I do have quite a few.

Top left: Accessorize Hilary Compartment Bag £39
The colour of this is just beautiful and will brighten any outfit up. My sister has actually bought this and i'm rather jealous. 

Top Middle: Topshop Clean Pocket Backpack £34
I don't know why but I was amazed at how 'cheap' this is considering Topshop have a tendency to overprice things to the extreme (though I still love you Mr Topshop). It may not seem that cheap but I was still shocked. This duck egg-y blue bag would look adorable i think with a pale/white floral kimono of some sorts and maybe some shorts or light jeans.

Top Right: Accessorize Georgina Winged Handheld Bag £32
Okay so I know this is very similar to the first back but but you can never have enough coral (one of my fave colours) and it is a slightly different design. To me it would be more of a small travelling bag than one i would take around town.

Bottom Left: Accessorize Daisy Cutout Across Body £19
Is this not cute? Yup it is and I adore it. If i had this i would definitely use it as a formal outing bag or as a small bag for the day if I don't have too much to carry. I would maybe match it with a pale summery dress, or perhaps spruce up a darker dress to add a bit of colour. Or go plain and girl next door look with just some jeans, Converse and a sleeveless loose top.

Bottom Middle: Accessorize Structured Tab Bag £35
I don't own any tan coloured bags and this just looks like a sophisticated bag that would go with pretty much every day wear look. And is one of those bags which can be used throughout the year, not just summer. As it has long handles it would mean I can actually carry it on my shoulder rather than my arm as I cannot stand doing that. I'm a hands/arms free person so will avoid short handled bags if I can.

Bottom Right: Accessorize Botanical Rucksack £37
Saved my favourite till last. It's not going to be to everyone's taste but I frickin love it. I had to resist very hard when I was in Accessorize a few weeks back and everytime I see it I want it more and more. Soooo this could become less of a want item and more of a purchased one. Doesn't it just make you think of summer when you see it? Is it sad i'm smiling whilst writing about this bag? Possibly so but hey ho, my perfect summer bag!

I realise that pretty much every bag is from Accessorize and this is not a sponsored post in anyway, I just happen to love a lot of their stuff at the minute. Which is a rarity as often I don't venture in there and see anything I like. It's only because my sister dragged me in there that I stumbled across these (thank you Robyn).

Do you like any of the bags? Or which bags are you wishing for summer?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spending Pennies | Haul


A few weeks ago, okay about six weeks ago, I thought I'd splash some cash (not that I have a lot of it but you know, go wild and all that) and this is what I bought. I popped into MAC actually wanting to buy my sister a birthday present but sort of came out with two lipsticks all for myself. Ooops.
My purchases have just been floating around my room waiting for me to take some pictures so I can share with you, which of course has meant resisting using any of them until now. That was hard, especially with the Lush stuff, but at least it's been making my room smell a-mazing! I did also buy a couple of dresses but I thought this could just be a beauty haul so I'll save them for another time. This is what I bought; 

King of Skin Body Butter £5.50
Ooooh this leaves your skin feeling moisterised. I've only used this a couple of times now and I do like using it, only issue is that it starts to melt in your hands do quickly so becomes a bit slippery and does leave you feeling a little oily afterwards. However, it is a fun product and smell really nice too.
Red Fun Bar  £5
This is honestly the best smelling thing EVER! I can't describe what it smells like. It's like washing yourself with a red, bubbly sweet that sends your nostrils to smell heaven. Basically I love the smell haha. Only down side is that after you've washed with it, you don't really smell it on you so can't carry on the day with the lush scent.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation £8.99
This is a repurchase as I like using this foundation so much. I've purchased a lighter shade this time which is more suited for my exceptionally pale skin. I said in a post a while ago that i'm going to do a review post on this, I will get round to it (promise)

Collection Concealer £4.19
Every bloggers favourite concealer right? Again this is a repurchase and I did buy two but didn't really see much point in photographing two fo them if it's the same thing. Another reason for buying two was because both Boots and Superdrug had been out of stock for ages so I just grabbed a couple incase they run out again! I think maybe it's going to be a little heavy for more warmer weather as I get oily skin so could become cakey on my skin. But for now it's my go to

Seventeen Cheek Stamp £4.99
This intriqued me as i've never seen this before. It's basically a little pot with compressed powder blush and the 'lid' has a sponge on it which you use to apply the blush. I've not used this yet so not sure how good it will be but I thought it was worth a try.

Real Techniques Silicon Liner Brush £5.99
I'm a lover of gel liners as I think they last much longer and are just easy to use. It does say on the package for this that it can be used for liquid liners but I thought it would work just as well with gel. Unfortunatly it doesn't as it really doesn't apply it very well at all. Don't know if it's just me but after a couple of dodgy attempts I reverted back to using  an actualy liner brush instead. It is however relly soft and gently on your eye lids when applying, so i'll save this for liquid liners instead.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous £15
This is such a lovely purple beryy colour. I was a little worried it would be dark fro my skin tone but it's actually a really nice bright colour that's slightly pinky when applied. It's a matte lipstick and has such great stay power with hardly any need to reaaply.

MAC Impassioned £15
This has more of a gloss effect to it and so it's not so matte. It's a dark peach colour which I think is going to be a perfect summer colour. I have a feeling both of these lipsticks will become my summer favourites this year!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Stroll


What beautiful weather!
In true British style I got excited about the sun making an appearance (because you know, us Brits rarely see it) and decided to go for an early morning stroll with my housemate. This was actually quite an achievement for me because I am not a morning person at all but when the sun's out, you've got to make the most of it. I guess this is just a quick post to show a few sunny snaps I took along the walk.

I'm now back at my desk writing my dissertation (oh the joy) when really I just want to be sat in a garden enjoying a cold beverage and possibly a BBQ. I know it's not summer yet so should hold back on the BBQ but you never know how long the sun will stick around, especially with our recent freak weather!
On a little side note. The next 6/7 weeks is hectic for me with a lot of deadlines, so if you don't hear from me i'll just be crying away in some dark corner wishing I didn't exist #unilife
(yes I did just hashtag)
Hope it's sunny where you all are


Monday, 24 February 2014

Apple Customer Care

Image source: Google
My experience with Apple started off with smiles and politeness but it soon turned a bit sour. I’ll start my saying what my issue is, my broken 6 month old IPhone 5. Since the 13th Feb it’s been playing up with a rattle occurring, switching off all the time and the screen going green. None of these as you’ll know are normal for a phone. I literally couldn’t do anything before it would turn itself off. I haven’t dropped my phone, I haven’t spilt anything on it so why had these things started to happen? Well, I went all the way to Sheffield to find out why.

The happy chap, or Genius as Apple calls them, reviewed my ‘case’ and agreed that many manufacture faults were to blame for my messed up phone and so he will replace it. “Yaaaay” I thought, my phone is going to be sorted out. I agreed to the T&C’s about data loss from my old phone and I signed for my new replacement to which he then issued me. So why did things turn a bit sour I hear you ask? (okay I can’t hear you)
After signing for my replacement he took my old phone from me and said he needed to take it out the back, “fair enough” I thought as it must be protocol. He came back 15 minutes later and explained that my phone couldn’t actually be replaced because some “modifications” had been made. Excuse me, modifications? Yes, apparently the serial number inside my phone and the adhesive that holds the battery down had been removed and so because of this Apple could no longer do anything, they won’t even repair it. Oooh my face went red with anger and I could feel myself burning with rage (I don’t have temper issues but this had just pissed me off – excuse my language). I didn’t even know how to put the sim card in when I got the phone 6 months ago, let alone know how to take the back off it and make these so called modifications. I’ve never given it to anyone for them to play about with it and I’ve never lost it. So how had these occurred? I opened my phone from an unopened and sealed box so clearly Apple is at fault here for either building a dodgy uncompleted phone, they’ve re-packaged and resold a dodgy phone or dare I say it, they're lying and there have been no changes to my phone. But of course they were having none of it, it’s my fault about these changes and so it’s not their problem. So of course they tried to pass it off onto my service provider to sort it out but just my luck, they won’t touch the phone because only Apple will deal with it. NOT my day!
So after storming out of the shop with a face as red as baboons bottom and my usual polite self-disappeared entirely to make way for pissed off and don’t even talk to me Bryany (I still said thank you for his help before leaving), I got thinking. Surely as I had signed for my replacement and a new phone had been issued, legally is that new phone now not mine? And surely as the new phones IMEI number had now been registered under my name and contract, the phone belongs to me because they can’t give it to someone else now it’s registered with me can they? To insult me just that bit further I then received a conformation email about my appointment and that my phone has indeed been replaced. Oh you can imagine the fury build inside me again!

 Four days later and after mum’s been speaking to the manager of Apple customer care (because you know, I don’t have a phone so can’t do it myself – thanks mum) they are still refusing to replace my phone and living without a phone is hard work. How I hate that I’ve fallen victim to our first world consumerist and technology needy society *sighs*. Living without a phone these days is almost impossible, it’s how we get in contact with people, how we socialise on the go and just live our daily lives. I didn’t think having no phone wold have such an impact but it’s so frustrating. I could just buy a cheap phone with a PAYG sim but why should I? I’m paying (okay my mums paying) £30 for the privilege of an IPhone and so if I’m paying that, I refuse to spend more money on a cheap phone which I shouldn’t have to buy. Yes I can be stubborn. I’m almost tempted to tell Apple to go f*ck themselves and I’ll switch to their main rival and see if they have better customer care.

Some of you may just think I am going off on a rant and the customer care wasn’t that bad but when the Genius accused me off making the changes even after I said I had no knowledge of them he still was basically saying it’s my fault and kept my replacement phone, which I’m rightfully entitled to, in his back pocket and refused to deal with my phone any further. They simply will not hear me out and look into the problem. Call my cynical but I reckon he’s kept it for himself. Sorry Apple (pissed off version of myself talking here). If I had damaged my phone myself I would completely understand all this but I haven't so for the moment and until they replace or repair my phone, Apple is no friend of mine.
Have any of you had trouble with Apple or does anyone know what I should do? Is that phone legally mine after signing for it?

I’m so lost without a phone haha, HELP

Thursday, 30 January 2014

OOTD: Collars and checks


Very posey haha
I am in LOVE with this cute little number from Ark. It sort of reminds me of a school dress with the collar and checkered pattern. Like the ones all the girls used to wear in primary school, know what I mean? I like collars as they can be a simple accessory to an outfit so when wearing this I keep other jewelry to a minimum.

What I'm wearing
DRESS Ark £26.99 (buy here)
TIGHTS Primark
BOOTS Topshop £40 (buy here)
WATCH Marc Jacobs
RING Pandora

What's on my face
MAC Prep + Prime 'Radiant Yellow'
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer '010 Ivory'
Collection Concealer '01 Fair'
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation '130 Shell'
Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder 'Transparent'
HD Brows Blusher 'blusher 2'
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick '107'

What's on my eyes
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Sleek eyeshadow 'Nougat'
MAC eyeshadow 'All That Glitters'
MAC eyeshadow 'Charcoal brown' (on my eyebrows)
B. Gel eyeliner
Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara