Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer Festival | No Tomorrow

I swear time is just flying by, it's been almost a month since my last post but feels like only last week I posted it!

Summer is a time for sun (fingers crossed, although we're doing rather well at the moment), music, sunglasses, fun, BBQ, beaches, ice lollies and maybe a few drinks here and there. So of course, summer also means festivals and over the past few years, i've been getting into my festivals and enjoying them far too much. At the beginning of the month (yes I know, i'm rather late with posting about it) I popped on down to Wollaton Park in Nottingham for the day festival No Tomorrow. I was originally going to another festival on the same day but i'd seen the main acts for that one before and the line up for this was just too good to miss. Clean bandit, Sam Smith, London Grammar, Duke Dumont, need I say more? It was epic, so good in fact I got into the spirit of it all and did the cliche of having my face painted - once i'd waited in line for an hour! What I like most about festivals besides from the music, is that everyone and anyone becomes your friends for the day/weekend and you all get along singing, laughing, queuing for the toilet almost to the brink of peeing yourself and of course, everyone taking the obligatory selfies and happy snaps. The photo below with two blonde ladies in next to me and my friend, no idea who they are but we chatted and sat together and shared the day. Something though that I dislike about festival events is the cost of everything. I left my sunglasses behind thinking it was going to be a cloudy day and so spent a fiver on some tacky plastic ones which even Primark wouldn't sell. Money which could have been spent on something more enjoyable and refreshing. And also, girls arses. Whhhhhy when at a music festival do some girls feel the need to wear shorts that go so far up their bum they're constantly de-wedging themselves. I mean, wear shorts by all means, I do myself but little straps of denim can't be comfy can it?. I saw enough peachy bums to last me a lifetime that day. My apologies to any of you who wear such shorts.

Here's a few snaps of my day :)

I was told to pull a sexy face. Instead I did this - daaaaaamn I so fiiine

I'm not going to a camping festival this year as of yet. I still have hope for Zoo Project later on in the year and i'm gutted to be missing Creamfields but i'm so glad I went to this one as it's made up for it. One final good thing about day festivals is that once your all bloated from all the drink and food, you can just go back home and slob out in your bed rather than in a tent - beautiful!

Anyone going to a festival this year?