Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Perfect Foundation

It's been a while....again. It's not helped that my laptop broke so i'm having to borrow my mums and that my internet runs out today, so i'll be internetless for two weeks (I feel as if i'm losing a part of me).

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. My holy grail for all foundations.
I first purchased this back in October I think it was and since then it has been my everyday foundation, my foundation recommendation to friends and just a staple item in my make-up chest beating my high end foundations (can I squeeze foundation in one more time?).

It has a flawless finish on my skin, covering all blemishes and dark areas instantly giving a brighter appearance to my skin with even, light coverage that's easily build-able. When applying, the texture is light, creamy and silky, blending easily into the skin to give a natural coverage look (hence the name), which for me is perfect. I don't really like to look like i'm wearing a heavy layer of product on my face. It doesn't feel heavy either, it sits lightly on my face and happily stays there all day. Admittedly my face can and does get a little shiny so I have to top up with powder, but I think that's more to do with the oily nature of my skin than this product. 
What's more, it doesn't have a strong cosmetic smell which lingers around your face for the first few hours after application. Also, because it's so light it's been perfect for the humid weather we've been having recently and my skin can still breath and not get too sweaty, which would result in make-up sliding down my face (not a brilliant look). To add to it's perfection, it's relatively cheap too. About the £7/8 mark if I remember correctly.

I do have a confession about this though. I would prefer it if it had a pump as I am useless with the whole no pump, have to pour it out myself thing. On a daily basis I over pour and waste a bit of product so it would last a lot longer if I wasn't wasting it. Or I could just become better at pouring...
Another confession. I have three of this foundation. Yes three and I have perfectly legitimate excuses for it (i'm not a crazy foundation lady I swear). My first one was in the colour 'Shell' which at the time I thought would be the right shade, however it wasn't as I was and still am too pale for it. So obviously I went out and bought the lightest shade (i think) 'Ivory' which was the perfect match for my paler than pale skin tone. But now summer is here I don't want to be a relative of Casper (pleeeeease tell me you've seen the film) and so i've gotten into the routine of fake tanning, obviously meaning my perfect match is now not so perfect because it's too light. So welcome shade 'Natural Beige' to my collection. I now have the perfect matches for  all the skin tones I can be, abnormally pale, slightly tanned and tanned. Perfecto!

So glad I finally wrote this post. Only been saying I would since December/ January! Ooops.